A British Reader Writes On The Importance Of Immigration’s Effect On Total Population
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Re: James Fulford’s  blog item Since 2000, The Immigrant Population Has Increased By 30 Percent

From: An Anonymous British Reader [Send him mail]

A good point, but I have a minor comment.

People get hung up on the fraction of the population that is foreign born, but in many ways that is a misleading statistic.

It is more the total increase in population due to immigration that is important.  So, if left alone the pre-1970 US population would have stabilized at about 240 million.  So far that policy change has increased the population by about 80 million, and even without immigration 'reform' it will likely increase it to half a billion by 2040 or so.

It's like taking out a mortgage: the main thing is the total amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.  Perhaps in future, you could also  mention how much it is increasing total population as well.

James Fulford writes: It’s worth mentioning, and we do get into issues of overpopulation. But if the current population were caused by more Americans deciding to have children, it would a very different situation than the present one, in which the majority of the children born are Hispanic or other minorities.

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