A California Reader Bashes Barone Over Gang Of Eight Enthusiasm
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From: An Anonymous Los Angeles Reader [Email him]

Michael Barone is in the Washington Examiner, claiming that the fact that border crossings are allegedly down, and the fact that the Gang of Eight bill supposedly mandates E-Verify, means that the bill is actually no problem ( Fewer border crossings, e-Verify system justify bill, May 4, 2013).

Barone’s program seems to be to skim the cream from other countries (after we've given them millions in foreign aid in order to build them up) because our own country is so decaying (thanks to the collapse of the family and schools that fail to educate) that we can't produce the high-skilled workers that we need.

The Gang of Eight's bill simply gives up on America.

James Fulford writes: Barone has been claiming for years that immigration would decrease as Mexico improved, just as migration to the American mainland from Puerto Rico has slowed. See Michael Barone’s Immigration Enthusiasm Means Never Having To Say He’s Sorry. I myself have been saying for years that he’s wrong, because for one thing, there’s still net migration from Puerto Rico. (I have been saying this since August, 2001).

As for the claim that border enforcement isn’t necessary because E-Verify means we will finally have interior enforcement, I simply don’t believe it. If   E-Verify actually gets in the way of hiring illegal cheap labor, Congressmen will descend on ICE and make it stop.

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