A California Reader Proposes "The Spitzer Award"
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10/04/07 - A CA Reader Isn't Buying the Yakima Herald's Story About Elvira and Saul

From: Maria

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer—Latest Toast Of The Treason Lobby

Does Spitzer's intention to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens mean that the rest us must accept a New York driver's license as valid identification?

For instance, say a holder of NY license wants to board a plane in Boston? Must the proper Bostonians let that person board?

Or how about liquor sales to minors? Is a bogus NY license good for that purpose? What about using an ill-gotten NY license to commit various types of fraud? Hey, the possibilities are endless!

For anyone who might want a tamper-proof fake ID, Spitzer's law is a boon. Why don't you folks at VDARE.COM have a contest as to the most creative uses of Spitzer's the new I.D.?

You could call it "The Spitzer Award," and the prizes could be some lovely toxic things made in China.

Maria, who once lived in Modesto, writes that her family has been in the U.S. since 1840. Send her mail c/o [email protected]

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