A California Reader Predicts San Francisco's Sanctuary City Policy Will Face Further Problems
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07/31/08 - A Writer (Rather Than A Reader For A Change) Notes A Follow-Up To His Piece

From: Marie Hansen (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Is San Francisco At The Tipping Point?

San Bernardino County, where San Francisco sent without notification eight Honduran illegal alien crack dealers rather than turn them over to federal immigration authorities, has vowed "not to become a dumping ground" for the city's juvenile offenders.

Legal action is also under active consideration.

According to San Bernardino county officials, San Francisco has a long history of sending its young criminals south.

San Bernardino county supervisor Gary Ovitt said: "The county is exploring every option to recoup all our police expenses. This lunacy needs to stop now."

District Attorney Michael Ramos said his office has the highest criminal caseload in the state and he doesn't need any more sent from San Francisco or anywhere else. [San Bernardino County May Sue San Francisco Over 'Dumping' of Convicts, By David Kelly and Maria La Ganga, Los Angeles Times, July 4, 2008]

The more pressure that is put on San Francisco, the better.

Hansen is a fifth generation Californian. Her previous letters about illegal marriage scams, alien murders that could have been avoided and health care for those who never received it in their native country are here, here and here.

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