A Writer (Rather Than A Reader For A Change) Notes A Follow-Up To His Piece
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07/30/08 - A Reader Reminds Us That Poets Are More Important Than Lawmakers

Re Nicholas Stix's Article "Debate Community" Organizes To Silence Critic—Me!

Nicholas Stix writes: [email him]

Thanks to James Fulford [who is the official Vdare.com hyperlinker] for the excellent links, particularly the one to the bracketed section: "[sic, but this isn't just a spelling error, but a whole phony-baloney intellectual movement]."

That one parenthetical remark alone drove one of the debate kids nuts.

"This single set of brackets disproves any credibility he has to write about debate."

Wikipedia being of use to my work—who'd a thunk it?

James Fulford writes: Yes, it's nice to see that kind of reaction. The original poster had written "kritical debates" which not only misspells "critical" (on purpose) but "kritikal" (accidentally.)Spelling errors are what drive me, as an editor, nuts.

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