An Anonymous Attorney Says Political Correctness "Rot" Has Taken Over At The Washington Post
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From: An Anonymous Attorney: (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Another Blacklist Sighting: The WaPo Bans King (Krikorian Next?)

My letters—usually about the mistreatments of whites—have been published several times in the WaPo. I recall being asked: "Are you a member of any group?" before they ran.

I always responded "No".

Now I know why the Post asked me.

The Post is absurd, a childish enterprise compared to the far more sophisticated liberal propaganda from the New York Times. 

It wasn't always so—I remember the Post crackled with smarts as little as a decade ago, before the rot of PC set in.

An Anonymous Attorney's archive, with his letters and columns, is here.

Joe Guzzardi adds: I'll go back a little further than ten years to remember when the Washington Post was viable. During the Watergate Scandal in the mid-1970s, I lived in New York. The Post's coverage was so gripping that I asked all-night newsstand in Times Square to reserve a copy for me each day. And even though I had to take a subway detour to pick up the paper, I never missed an issue.

The depth to which the Post has sunk is truly remarkable.

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