A California Reader Notes That An LA County Deputy Has Received "Life-Changing" Injuries From An Unarmed Man
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

One of those John Derbyshire "the Talk" moments on Latinos:

Lakewood Sheriff Deputy in Critical Condition After Being Beaten by Suspect Frankie Estrada at Lakewood Center Mall

Los Cerritos News, August 16, 2014

On Friday, August 15, 2014, at approximately 8:00 PM, Lakewood Deputies responded to 500 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood, regarding a Domestic Disturbance Call. While one deputy made initial contact with the female party involved in the incident, the other deputy went in search of the man who was possibly involved.

While escorting the man out of the location towards the other deputy, the man unexpectedly turned on the deputy and hit him several times knocking the deputy to the ground and continued his assault with a shod foot. A bystander in the mall witnessing the assault intervened by pushing the suspect away from the deputy. Assisting deputies arrived, and took the suspect into custody without further incident.

The deputy was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. He is in critical but stable condition.

The suspect, 21-year old Frankie Estrada, was transported to Lakewood Station where he was booked for Attempted Murder on a Peace Officer and is being held in lieu of $1,000,000.00 bail. [More]

The Derbyshire rule would be "When observing a "domestic dispute" involving a Latino, never, NEVER intervene, even if you're a police officer."

If you do get involved in a "domestic dispute" with a Latino, you may end up beaten badly or dead.

Not only will the Latino male assaulting his girlfriend assault you, so will his girlfriend, and any tribal members in the vicinity won’t help you either, they'll most likely clean out your pockets after you're knocked unconscious.

By the way, last time I checked the police have the right to shoot you if you assault them, even if you're unarmed, the police are no obligation to "brawl" with thugs nor let them assault others and flee.

Or have the rules for assault and self-defense changed?

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James Fulford writes: Both police and citizens have the right to use lethal force to repel an attack that is life-threatening, whether the assailant has a weapon or not. KTLA, whose video is embedded above, headlines their story Absolutely Violent Attack’ at Lakewood Mall Leaves Deputy With ‘Life-Changing’ Injuries, by Ashley Soley-Cerro, August 16, 2014.

Both Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman escaped “life-changing” injuries by firing in self-defense.

The life-changing injuries to the Deputy will cause no national commotion, any more than the murder of Mississippi Detective Eric Smith by Jeremy Powell (who seized Smith’s gun, and killed him with it) did. But if Detective Smith had survived the attack, and killed the “unarmed” Powell, it still wouldn’t have got much attention, or provoked any riots—both detective and suspect were black.[Investigators obtain video showing the moment suspect fatally shoots detective, himself inside a police interrogation room, NY Daily News, AP, April 6, 2013 ]

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