An American Handyman Writes On Chinese Imports
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Re: A Former Contractor Reports On The New Epidemic Of Faulty Chinese Cast Iron Pipes

From: An Anonymous American Handyman [Email him]

This letter reminds me of an online discussion last year on a tool/handyman board regarding Harbor Freight tools.  (They're an American company, but import a lot of stuff from China. ) I found the following post worth clipping at the time:

Originally Posted by halik

Anything made out of cast iron or similar alloy is pure garbage.

+1 on that. I know their bench vises are awful.

 I think the problem is that 'cast iron' to them is 'random old sh^t that we melted down and poured into a casting.'[How about a Harbor Freight tool thread? , AnandTechForums, November 19, 2013]

James Fulford writes: You can buy cast-iron radiators made in America 75 years ago and still  heat  your home with them, but it's much cheaper to buy "Made in China" —which may fail before the next election.
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