A California Reader Notes A Delay In Releasing The (Muslim, Immigrant) Name Of The Orange County Carjacker
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Orange County Carjacker/Shooter Was Muslim (And Probable Immigrant) Named Ali Syed From: Steve Smith [Email him]

You can usually spot the breaking IMMS ("Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome") spree stories in the MSM, they never identify the perp(s) as immigrants or aliens.

It’s always "the suspect" or "gunman," never a name or description that might bring any disparagement upon our diverse immigrant community.

It took 3 weeks for the word to leak out on Ka Pasasouk (early released illegal alien felon). Today word leaked around 3PM, a whole 9 hours after the police knew the name of the suspect (Ali Syed). See Authorities: 4 dead in California shooting spree, By Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press, February 19, 2013.

It looks like Sudden Jihad syndrome to me.

See previous  letters from Steve Smith.

James Fulford writes: Even if it's not Sudden Jihad, but ordinary homicidal gangsterism, I still think Ali Syed should have been doing it in some other country.

But the real story, one more time, is not the immigrant murders, but the MSM coverup. An early (1993) example of this is mentioned in  a  column by John Derbyshire, who was on the next train after the one the attacked by Long Island Rail Road shooter, Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson.

Derb wrote in 2002 that

The great American public is not, of course, as incorrigibly "racist" as our elites think. Nor are they as stupid. Do the media lefties really think people don't see through their games? I was working in Manhattan back in December of 1993, when Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad killer, did his work. My home-bound commuter train was the one behind his. Of course, we were stuck between stations for nearly two hours. This was pre-cellphone, and I had no way to contact my wife, who was watching the coverage of the story on TV, and was, naturally, worried sick. Neighbors came in to rally round and watch the TV coverage with her. Telling me about it afterwards, she remarked: "Everyone kept saying: 'Oh, it must be a black guy. If it was a white guy, they would have told us.'"
And here’s Derb In 2011, on the same subject (emphasis added)
Multicultis hear of the latest terrorist atrocity and they're whispering to themselves: "Oh please let it be a white Christian guy!" Occasionally is it; it's a Jared Loughner or a Timothy McVeigh. Considering that the vast majority of Westerners are still white and Christian, though, the multiculturalists' prayers aren't answered anything like often enough. Time and again, when the media can't hold off any longer on identifying the killer, it turns out to be a Muslim, or if not a Muslim, a black, or occasionally  some other ethnic minority.
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