A Texas Reader Says Non-Working Politicians Are The Source of Working Man Walter Abbott's Woes
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From: Roger Chaillet (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Maryland Gov. O'Malley Jails Immigration Reform Patriot

It figures that Maryland Gov. Martin O' Malley and House Judiciary Committee chairman Joseph Vallario, both lifelong lawyers and politicians who have never done a day of honest labor in their lives, are behind working man Walter Abbott's woes.

O'Malley and Vallario are two peas in a pod.  They both attended District of Columbia parochial schools.  Both are ethnic Roman Catholics in good standing from solidly middle class families.

I attended a Catholic high school in Suitland, hard by the DC/Maryland line. But I never saw a factory or anything remotely having to do with heavy industry until I visited my brothers who attended universities in Baltimore.  

Washington, D.C. and its suburbs consist almost solely of government employees and those who cater to them.   Laborers, like Abbott who hangs drywall, might as well be Martians as far as federal and state bureaucrats are concerned. 

They really believe that Big Government creates wealth. This is why our pro-Mexican jerk of a president George W. Bush and his like-minded allies can say, "There are jobs that Americans won't do." 

It's because Bush, Vallario (see what some of his House colleagues think of him here) and their Beltway cronies have never done scut work.

Chaillet is the winner of the 2003 VDARE.COM War Against Christmas competition. His most recent letter about how the Bush family is creating a booming real estate market in Dallas is here. Previous letters are archived here.

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