A California Hispanic Forecasts All Kinds Of Trouble From Mexican Trucks
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Re: James Ryan's The Strange Tale of Obama, The Teamsters, The Sierra Club—And Those Cheap, Dirty, Dangerous Mexican Trucks

From: Haydee Pavia [Email her]

Excellent article by Mr. Ryan!

Sadly, I believe the Teamsters' Union leadership has betrayed its members by not opposing the Mexican trucks on American roads.  I think this union's leadership intends to profit from the Mexican truck invasion.

The Teamsters' Union is one of the most powerful unions in the U.S.  I find it extremely puzzling that the teamsters are not marching in Washington, DC  about the invasion of the Mexican trucks.

These trucks will cause havoc on our highways:

The list is long.

Many Americans will die at the hands of these truck drivers.  Just try to collect for damages from a Mexican driver's insurance company! I don't even know if they have car insurance in Mexico!

These truck drivers will carry several IDs.  We are in for a lot of crime.

Haydee Pavia was born in Peru, and came to the United States legally many years ago. See previous letters by Haydee Pavia.

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