A (Self-Identified) Low IQ Reader Thinks We Have A Fixation With IQ—We Explain (Slowly And Carefully) Why It's Important
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03/24/11 - A Nebraska Reader Reports That It's Not Only Asians On Cellphones

Re: An Occasional Reader Asks If IQ Differentials Imply A Master Race—And If So, Who?

From David [Email him]

I find Vdare.com's fixation and theorizing with IQ rather absurd. Replying to the "Master Race" letter to the editor post of March 22, Vdare.com editor James Fulford summarizes thus:

"Instead of wondering if there is such a thing as Master Race, it would be better to wonder if we could do something about  the Federal Government policy that says that any observable racial variance in test scores, crime rates, or speeding tickets must be the result of racial bigotry—because all races are believed by the Supreme Court to have exactly the same average IQ."

Now compare this with an article summary provided by Vdare in the post titled "Why Have Asians Not Dominated?

The summary of the article:

"Despite their higher average IQ, Asians have failed to become the culturally dominant race probably because innate personality traits work against them.[Emphasis added by the reader] Compared to Europeans, they are passive, unquestioning, and lacking in initiative. The next 50 years will probably see a continuing rise in the economic and military power of China, but if history is any guide, this rise in power will not be matched by innovation, and China's cultural contributions will remain insignificant."

Which is it, Vdare.com? Regarding "Observable racial variance" Should the Federal Government policy not only regard IQ, but also "innate personality traits"? If innate personality traits serve to negate higher IQ in Asians, should Asians be categorically at a disability, (Compared to lower IQ but more aggressive and innovative Whites) and thus eligible for special governmental consideration where initiative and innovation is involved? How far can one go with such nonsense? Thanks.

Other than the IQ element of Vdare.com, I think the site raises important immigration issues.

James Fulford writes: The author of this letter headed his email "Observations of a low IQ reader..." but I know he isn't really a low IQ reader, because he can read and write pretty well.(Otherwise I would be obliged to explain, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y that post titled "Why Have Asians Not Dominated?"  is an external link to Amren.com, not written by us, and that  we're opposed to all forms of affirmative action.)

IQ will remain a theme on VDARE.com because it is interesting, tabooed or just not understood by both liberals and mainstream conservatives, and important.

Because of social stratification in American life, many people don't realize how dumb actual dumb people are. Working with the poor as a volunteer, or in law enforcement, or as an inner city school teacher would expose you to people with actual low IQs.

One of Steve Sailer's early articles on VDARE.com was called How the Other Half Lives.  Another was IQ and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It

 Peter Brimelow wrote an introduction to that one:

"The original draft of my huge 1992 National Review cover story "Time to Rethink Immigration" contained a discussion of IQ and immigration policy, alluding to Richard J. Herrnstein's and Charles Murray's book The Bell Curve, which I knew was in preparation. The reaction of my dear friend John O'Sullivan, NR's Editor in those happy days, was very instructive. Not only did he insist on cutting out the discussion, but he also hunted down every copy of the original draft in NR's office and had them destroyed. His argument was that any mention of IQ or heredity at all would result in the issue monopolizing all response to my article, plunging the rest of my very broad case against contemporary immigration policy irretrievably into the dark. No doubt he was right. But public debate on both immigration policy and the IQ issue has gone backwards since 1992, although the issues are more pressing than ever. VDARE is happy to provide Steve Sailer with a place to explore them."

That was July 15, 2000, and we've been doing IQ articles ever since.

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