A California Girl Says Mexicans Really Are Different
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Re: James Fulford's Blog: Jose Medellin In His Own Words

Debbie In California writes:

Thank you this additional information on Medellin.  So I guess in Mexico, raping and murdering innocent girls is just an adolescent act.  After having lived there even for a short time I can believe it

Here in America, an adolescent act would be trimming your neighbors tree with toilet paper, or—as we did in our small town—move the bench from outside the post office to the main street.  Guess it's just a small difference in cultures!

I'm amazed at this guy's lack of remorse and sympathy for his victims.  He is an arrogant and ignorant fool, a cold blooded murderer and nothing less!   It must be that Mexican pride!

If America succumbs to the international court it is over for us.  Bush is a traitor to We The People, to our nation and our sovereignty!

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