A California Environmentalist Seconds Steve Sailer's "Modest Proposal" To Save Haiti
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From: Tim Aaronson (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Why Haiti Is So Hopeless; And A Very Modest Proposal

Some things never change. The New York Times is wrong and VDARE.COM is right.

The NYT thinks it's a good idea to grant amnesty to tens of thousands of Haitian aliens living here illegally even as we send thousands of U.S. citizens to that country to help earthquake victims.  [Help Haitians Help Haiti, Opinion, New York Times, January 15, 2010]

The obvious question that the NYT fails to ask is why aren't we sending these aliens home to help?

Steve Sailer is completely correct in his call for population control efforts in Haiti, a solution overlooked by the NYT.

Given that the average number of children born per Haitian woman is nearly four which will result in doubling the population in about 35 years, why isn't family planning among the aid programs offered to this largely (80 percent) Roman Catholic country?

Send Haitians living in America home to help their own and active family planning assistance are the only ways to help Haiti.

What's not a solution is an amnesty for Haitians already in the United States

Aaronson is the author of "On Teachable Moments (about billboards)", an exchange with a Hispanic teacher about ProjectUSA's brilliant billboard campaign (The Social Contract, Spring 2000). His previous letters are here.

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