A CA Reader Says That, At Last, Ted Kennedy Liberals Are Paying For Their Policies
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02/16/10 - A NY Reader Says Understanding The Food Stamp Program Explains The Immigration Disaster

From: Vickie (e-mail her)

Re: Matthew Richer's Blog: Patrick Kennedy Throws In The Towel

Why Congress should feel such urgency to salvage the unsalvageable Haiti, only Ted Kennedy liberals know. 

Most, like Kennedy's son Patrick and close family friend and soon-to-be retired Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd are running for the hills because they recognize that their failed policies will doom them at the polls. America has finally caught up with their self-destructive, self-hating liberal agenda.

Radical Democrats have deliberately written and passed laws aimed at destroying America of its culture and language to implement a policy of "welcome the world" in diversity's name. 

Only they can tell you why.

Vickie's previous letter is here

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