A CA Reader Notes A Delay In Abel Maldonado's March To The Governor's Mansion
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From: Peter Potter (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Mexico's Take Over Of California—Complete By 2014?

Anyone holding his breath for the California legislature to solve the state's most pressing problems, like the $20 billion deficit or the illegal alien invasion, should consider the circus surrounding Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt to appoint Republican Abel Maldonado to the meaningless position of Lt. Governor.

Despite several votes, the Democratic controlled legislature refuses to confirm Maldonado. Schwarzenegger withdrew, then re-submitted Maldonado's nomination to set off another three months of wasted time debating the candidate's merits.

Maldonado may eventually become governor, as Guzzardi predicted, but he may never be Lt. Governor.

Potter's previous letter about Maldonado is here.

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