A CA Reader Says "Muzzle Geraldo Rivera"
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From: Carol (e-mail her)

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican

Rivera is up to no good again as witnessed by his latest and absurdly titled book: "His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S." (Get it? His-Panic)

Most people do not take Rivera seriously. But his poorly written and researched book has enough dangerous lies and amnesty propaganda that we need to be on our guard since, incredible as it may seem, Rivera has a large fan base.

Naturally, it is not only poor written and abysmally researched; it is also full of half-truths and lies.  Furthermore, Rivera does not even touch on some of the most alarming issues embedded within the illegal immigration debate. 

I live in a neighborhood infested with illegal immigrants.

Believe me, there is nothing romantic or glamorous about aliens despite what mainstream media types like Rivera would have you believe.

For those interested, I have produced a YouTube video that tells my personal story about what it is like to live among thugs that, among the many other dangers, includes the mysterious disappearance of my young puppy who may have been stolen for dog fighting purposes.

Watch it here.


Carol is a professional researcher and an anti-illegal immigration activist.  Her Alma Maters are George Mason University, the American University in Washington D.C., and University of Maryland

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