A CA Reader Reports A Vicente Fox Spotting
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From: CA Reader

Re: Allan Wall's Archive

I've always enjoyed Wall's columns and admire him for his dedicated service to our country while he was in Iraq.

I am a 5th-generation Californian ,who has seen my state destroyed by illegal immigration. My hometown of Santa Maria is unrecognizable. 

My husband and I bought our Santa Barbara house when the middle-class could still afford to do so.

In December, the Santa Barbara News Press published an announcement about Westmont College, an evangelical, liberal arts, Christian educational institution and its Fifth Annual President's Breakfast. 

The featured speaker is none other than Wall's old adversary Vicente Fox whose speech is titled: "The Future of the Americas: Immigration, Globalization and Free Trade." [Mexico's Fox to Make Santa Barbara Appearance, Santa Barbara News Press, December 29, 2009]

Tickets (sold out!) are $75 to hear Fox's garbage.

Fox is still meddling in American immigration policy—while collecting mucho dinero to do it.

As for Westmont [e-Mail the President Of Westmont College], what a disappointment it is.

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