A CA Reader Says Mexican Aliens Need More Than An Image Change
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01/24/10 - A MN Reader Has A PC Name For Illegal Aliens—"Undocumented Democrats"

From: George Munger (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Unintended Mirth From A Mexican Consul

What a brilliant idea Dallas Consul General Juan Carlos Cué-Vega,has to reshape our opinions of illegal aliens with a cosmetic imagine change!

I hope he shares it with California.

Maybe that would have saved our schools, hospitals, Medicaid programs and entire cities from decay, gang violence and prison overcrowding.

With California teetering on financial collapse, how depressing to think that we overlooked the benefits of an image make over!. 

The best make over that could take place would be to assure Americans that all Mexican immigrants coming into this country were applying through proper channels, respecting our laws and would be denied entry unless they could support themselves and their family instead of becoming an ongoing generational burden to taxpayers.

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