A Reader Is Surprised to See A Harvard Law School Publication Warn of the Hispanicization of the USA
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02/08/07 - A Bostonian Describes The Hispanization of Boston

From: M. Lawlor in Florida

I almost fell off my chair when I came upon this 2/9/07 article in The Record - a Harvard Law School publication (I am shocked such a pocket of liberalism would publish it): [Examine Mexico's Real Intent Before Reforming Immigration]

It addresses the reconquista by Mexicans of the Southern USA— how California will become soon a majority of Spanish speakers—the LA Mayor's close ties with Mexico—and how, if amnestied,  millions of Mexicans will vote for US policies that favor Mexico.

The article is written by Yeh Ling-Ling,  director of Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America.

This is even more surprising as Harvard just elected its first Hispanic as President of the Harvard Law Review.

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