War Against Christmas 2007 Competition [VI]: The Winner! (Also 2006's!!)
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VDARE.COM has been running its War Against Christmas Competition—an award for reporting the most egregious attempt to abolish Christmas— since we began posting on Christmas Eve 1999. But its antecedents lie in the distant past: I first persuaded John O'Sullivan to run a War Against Christmas Competition in National Review in the mid-1990s. No doubt this contributed to his firing as Editor, announced exactly ten years ago—after which the contest was promptly dropped, along (not coincidentally) with the cause of patriotic immigration reform, for several years.

There is an exact analogy between the War Against Christmas and the American nation's war against extinction through immigration.

In both cases, grassroots resistance by ordinary Americans has stopped the aggressors in their tracks—in the case of immigration, through the extraordinary defeat this summer of the Kennedy-Bush Amnesty/ Immigration Surge proposal.

In both cases, the patriotic cause has acquired prominent champions-come-lately

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