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In the last 48 hours, more than 15,000 people have tweeted about VDARE.com.

CNN’s Rachel Maddow and Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar have weighed in, as has the Department of Justice. Our story has been covered by USA Today, Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Business Insider, Forward, The Guardian, Vox, Snopes, Buzzfeed, Daily Beast, The Hill, Newsweek, The Guardian and more.

I’ve heard it said that the flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target. We’ve got the flak today, and we need your help to stay fueled up and fighting!

Why all the attention? It’s mostly a tempest in a teapot. Or rather, a smear tornado in a fake news media bubble.

On Monday, VDARE.com’s pseudonymous whistleblower “Federale” published a blog examining the Justice Department’s move to decertify the union of immigration judges (NAIJ) and identifying two such judges as radical amnesty advocates. In the same way that democracy means “rule by the people,” the word “kritarchy” means “rule by judges,” and Federale accurately described the union president, Judge Ashley Tabaddor, as a kritarch for her role in undermining the executive branch through abuse of her position.

Federale’s article was included in a news round-up that landed in Tabaddor’s inbox. She was triggered. Incredibly, Tabaddor claimed that the word “kritarch” was “deeply offensive and Anti-Semitic.” She demanded that the email be withdrawn, and apology issued, and that “EOIR should take all appropriate safety and security measures for all judges…”

The story was picked up by Buzzfeed and we immediately refuted her crazy accusations.

As did Ann Coulter:


And David Frum:

…among others.

But the full spectrum of deranged Leftists erupted.  Tweeters outdid themselves in the effort to denounce VDARE.com with the most extreme language. 

They called VDARE “hateful trash,” compared us to the KKK, and, the most absurd, claimed we promote committing genocide against black people—anything to prevent people from researching the topic themselves.

And not one—not a single one—of those so-called journalists covering the story has reached out to get a comment or reaction from any of us at VDARE.com.

It has been the case for a long time that if a Leftist wants to draw attention to VDARE.com content, he will do so with screenshots or links to archive.org, instead of links to our actual website, so as to avoid giving us the satisfaction of logging their traffic. If we were allowed to run ads, this traffic suppression would inhibit our revenue. But, as we’ve been deplatformed from running ads, I had come to think of it as pointless and silly.

(We don’t have ads. We only have you. Please donate today!)

But in fact, it’s part of a larger tactic: Rather than discuss patriotic immigration reform, the Left wants to disappear it completely. This tempest isn’t just any Fake News smear campaign, it actually has evidence-suppression built in.

In this context, it makes sense that they don’t want our comment.

It makes sense that they don’t link to Federale’s article—you know, the single item on which the entire uproar was pegged.

This refusal to engage with VDARE is oddly validating. They know that immigration patriots, if given the floor, win the intellectual debate.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has no interest in honest reporting about patriotic immigration reform. The simple facts about the inflow of immigrants make the Left extremely uneasy.  Here are just a couple from a Department of Justice report (also released Thursday afternoon) regarding the crime rate of illegal immigrants:

  • While non-U.S. citizens only make up 7% of the population, they comprised 64% of all federal arrests.
  • More Mexicans than Americans were arrested (in the U.S.!) in 2018.

 [Federal Arrest Statistics Show the Explosion Of Illegal Alien Crime, by Brenda Walker, August 22, 2019]

Oddly enough, this report was released by the Department of Justice the very same day Buzzfeed kicked off the barrage of hate against VDARE.com.  It makes you wonder if they’re hiding something.

So here’s the real scoop:

—This tweet was pinned at the top of our Twitter feed after Thursday’s fit of media attacks against VDARE.com. We will not be intimidated. We will not back down. But we can’t do this without your support.

VDARE.com informs the fight to keep America American, and we are funded entirely by readers like you. Please give your most generous donation, today.

https://vdare.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Lydia-and-Felicity-Picture-288x300.jpgA native Texan, Lydia Brimelow [email her] graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2006. She is fundraiser and office manager, lion tamer, fire extinguisher and miscellany handler at VDARE.com. She and Peter married in 2007 and have three daughters together.


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