VDARE.com, Multiculturalism And Mudslinging Special Interests
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Peter Brimelow, the founding editor of VDARE.com, for which I have written many articles, recently appeared on ProEnglish’s CPAC breakout session “The Failure of Multiculturalism.” His subject was innocuous—Canada’s Official Languages policy—but his very presence was denounced even before he spoke by People for the American Way and various other “hate” hunters who have made a practice of smearing a wide variety of reputable people and organizations.

I guess loading up the US since 1965 with large numbers of new immigrants, many of whom are not members of the (temporary?) white majority, doesn’t count with these folks.  But in fact over 65% of all Americans polled have for many years consistently bemoaned this influx and want the flow reduced. 

Would Rev. Al Sharpton, who joined PFAW in attacking Brimelow although he has made a career of “hate”, be willing to admit that the very minority he claims to defend suffers most from this huge import of mostly low-skilled aliens? 

Indeed, importing about 150 million aliens since 1965 into a country that basically didn’t need them has put undue pressure on all of us, regardless of race.  The new bloc of predominantly Latino immigrants has yet to reach full political power, but its concerns already reflects its problematic economic status e.g. more welfare, public health care and other demands on our overburdened tax revenues.

That these newcomers may have brought different cultural perspectives reminds us of the differences between the thrifty Germans and their Southern European neighbors, now manifesting itself in an economic crisis which bids fair to shake the world. 

Of course, any concern over the arrival of vast numbers of different ethnicities provokes the charge of “racism”.  My position is that, regardless of immigrants’ ethnicity, the United States is in an “immigration overload” position.  Too many of all kinds of people.   And bringing in large numbers of mostly unskilled workers and their dependents in an increasingly automated economy (see my last two pieces on VDARE.com, here and here) makes the least sense of all.  

This senseless process was made possible by an unprincipled alliance of businesses, religious and ethnic advocates.  Together, they amassed huge resources with which to lobby Congress and other elected officials. 

In a perverse way, their actions make a statement against us average citizens that amounts “reverse racism”—stealing the birthright citizenship of Americans under the rubric of “anti-racism”.  It’s in the interest of the Open Border folks to suppress debate with name-calling and ad hominem attacks.

Are there racial undertones in the opposition to “multiculturalism”?   Perhaps for some. But that makes no difference to the ultimate issue: numbers, regardless of race. Given the growth of human numbers here, all services now provided by government and the private sector are under pressure. 

The bottom line on immigration reform: let’s have the number of immigrants our citizens want determined in a democratic way—not by powerful lobbyists for special interests

Let’s not get lost in mudslinging about an issue so important to our futures.


Collins, [email him], a free lance writer living in Washington, DC. , is CoChair of the National Advisory Board of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). However, his views are his own.

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