UPDATE: VDARE.com Readers Rallying Round!
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VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow’s daughter Karia, now slightly mollified.


Karia earlier, receiving news that VDARE.com missed its Spring Fundraising drive.

Many thanks to the loyal readers who have responded to VDARE.com’s missed Spring Fundraising Appeal—delayed because the site was (is) undergoing a technical overhaul.

We’re now almost a third of the way to our $30,000 goal!

Please keep up the momentum—give (tax-deductibly) now!

Because of this encouraging start, we have not had to block VDARE.com—which our advisors insist is the only way for websites get donations is to block.

And that’s a great relief to me. There’s just so much going on, as the Treason Lobby pulls out all the stops to get its Amnesty/ Immigration Surge through before Congress goes into recess in August.

And much more.

Money is our secret weapon. Our writers are patriots and would publish their facts and analyses exposing the Main Stream Media/ Treason Lobby for nothing. But they have families to feed.

This is why so many excellent patriot blogs burn out.

The Treason Lobby’s calls Amnesty/ Immigration Surge has been hanging over America like a breaking wave since the 113th Congress began in early 2013. But it has not yet swept America away, despite the Treason Lobby’s repeated lying predictions.

Remember, there is only reason for this: not Inside-the-Beltway lobbying—but intense Outside-The-Beltway grass-roots opposition.

VDARE.com has a grass-roots strategy. We make facts and arguments available to American patriots for free. We are delighted to see them surface in Town Halls and on the comment threads. But we need your help to do it.

Of course, the Treason Lobby, having given up hope of persuading America to accept an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, now hopes to slip it through by unscrupulous parliamentary maneuver.

But at VDARE.com we believe the Treason Lobby can be stopped—the breaking wave can be held suspended—with your help.

We are committed to VDARE.com and will not close it, although we may have to slow our pace of posting to get through our annual summer squeeze.

To that, we need to raise $30,000 about $21,000,

Please help us now.

I (and Karia, above) will be most grateful.


Peter Brimelow


Go here to donate! Also, remember to enter ... via the VDARE.com link and we get a commission on any purchases you make—at no cost to you!

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