Terrorists, Immigration And The Republican Base
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The Center For Immigration Studies released a study on Immigration Benefits And Terrorism, saying, among other things, that

In total, 21 foreign terrorists became naturalized U.S. citizens

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker notes that and this Washington Post story on the President's poll numbers, and writes:

Here is what is interesting, in the present context: the issue on which Bush scores worst is not Iraq, the economy or Social Security. It is immigration. News accounts often implicitly assume that more or less all of those who are critical of the administration are on the administration's left. In fact, though, on the issue where the President's position is least popular, the criticism comes almost entirely from the right, some of it from people who on other issues describe themselves as moderates or even liberals.Power Line: Report Documents Terrorism/Immigration Link

What this means is that if you scorn your base long enough on a vital issue, they'll start scorning you back.

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