Treason Lobby Urging Obama Regime To Go To “Plan B”—Unilateral Administrative Amnesty. Where Is GOP?
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King Barack

H/T One Old Vet

The House of Representatives may not pass Amnesty, but the Obama Regime is determined to impose it unilaterally. Administrative Amnesty is Barack Obama’s “Plan B” for electing a new people, or as the Treason Bar calls it, Plan B for America. [Dems divided over immigration “Plan B”, By Greg Sargent, WaPo Blog, August 16, 2013 ]Remember, Plan B is the trade name for an abortifacient. And that is what the Treason Bar wants to do to America—abort it.

The plans are widely available for all to see on, a website that advertises itself as an insider source for immigration professionals (aka immigration lawyers, bureaucrats, and others who profit from Open Borders treason.) This same site was the sounding board for the first Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. As the Obama Regime has suffered a setback in its attempts to pass Amnesty, it is now re-evaluating its approach. Predictably, ILW is offering a possible way that Barack Obama can win his long war on America.

Back in August, before the Obamacare implosion, lawyer Roger Algase wrote on ILW that:

Up to now, the idea of legalizing up to 11 million unauthorized immigrants through executive order, otherwise known as Plan B, has been treated by the media as little more than a rhetorical flourish by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to scare House Republicans into supporting CIR. Rubio is widely considered to be merely raising the specter of a bogeyman, i.e. President Obama, who would use dictatorial power to grant legalization without the border security and internal enforcement measures which Rubio and a few other Senate Republicans fought so hard and so successfully to include in the Senate's CIR bill, S. 744.

But what if there already is a Plan B waiting to be put into action by this administration? An August 15 article in by David Weigel reports that there may have been one since as long ago as 2010. His article originally appeared Thursday evening under the title: Is Rubio Right? Can President Obama Give Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants By Himself? Sort Of!

Then, only a few minutes later, perhaps because the code words "amnesty" and "illegal" in the first title might have given the impression of an anti-immigrant bias, the title, without any change in the article's content, was amended to: The Secret Memo That Explains How Obama Can Unilaterally Legalize All Immigrants, But Won't.

[Plan B May Already Exist. Could Obama Go Ahead With It Piecemeal? by Roger Algase,, August 16, 2013] (Emphases and links added)

However, now Algase is writing that Administrative Amnesty may become a reality. In fact, he’s encouraging Obama to do that very thing. He writes:
In my August 16 post: Plan B May Already Exist. Could Obama Go Ahead With It Piecemeal? I wrote:

"If anti-immigrant zealots can get away with using "piecemeal" anti-immigrant bills to kill comprehensive reform, what would be wrong with using piecemeal administrative legalization to accomplish it over time?"

It now appears that, just at the time that Republican House Speaker John Boehner officially pulled the trigger on immigration reform this week by announcing that the House would never go to conference with the Senate on its comprehensive bill, but would only take up GOP "piecemeal" immigration bills (if anything at all), President Obama may be moving ahead with his own piecemeal executive action on reform.

The AP reported on November 15 that the administration has issued a policy directive which will allow some unauthorized immigrant relatives of US service members to stay in the US legally

If the House Republicans have the power to kill immigration reform piecemeal, as they have been doing, what is wrong with the president's using his executive powers to bring reform back to life piecemeal? If he is serious about doing so, and let us hope that he is, he will have a lot of work ahead of him and will need a great deal of political courage to stay on course.

[Is Obama Reviving Immigration Reform by Executive Action? Updated. By Roger Algase, ILW.COM, November 17, 2013

After all, anything is justified if it means taking power away from what Algase describes in his latest blog as the “Tea Party-controlled House of Racially Gerrymandered White District Representatives.”

Algase is cheerleading Obama’s recent decision to amnesty all relatives of current or former members of the Armed Services. [ Obama relies on changes to immigration rules as chances dim that Congress will rewrite laws, Washington Post, November 15, 2013 ]  All spouses, children, or parents who are illegal aliens can remain and will be paroled into the United States, then given legal permanent residency.

Numerically, the impact will be small, as there aren’t that many illegal spouses and children of service members. But the Regime chose this as a test of the Republican reaction. Naturally, that reaction is not forthcoming—because the RINOs led by John Boehner (and the donors who control them) secretly want Amnesty. The Obama Regime will simply use its military mini-amnesty for relatives of veterans as precedent for the next group, then the next group, ad infinitum.

And the Regime's busy beavers in the bureaucracy have been burrowing away to break down our borders. An untitled and unsigned memorandum that was apparently circulating since 2010 shows that the idea was already discussed in the administration. As Slate’s David Weigel wrote in August,


[Administrative Amnesty] sounds an awful lot like Rubio softening up skeptical Republicans with something that couldn't happen. But as Mark Krikorian pointed out, a few days before Rubio got on this stick, theoretically Obama could make this happen. This is not some wild Orson Scott Card theory. This was developed, but nixed, in a 2010 DHS memo.

Screenshot of DHS Memo

You can read the rest of the memo at the link and learn that the plan had too many cons, such as how "the secretary would face criticism that she is abdicating her charge to enforce the immigration laws." She probably would! More importantly, analysts realized that any executive order to ignore all immigration laws could be negated by Congress.

[The Secret Memo That Explains How Obama Can Unilaterally Legalize All Immigrants, But Won’t by Dave Weigel, Slate, August 15, 2013]

Weigel slickly denigrates the idea that Obama will violate the law and the Constitution, but only as misdirection. The Republican Party leadership does not want to openly oppose Obama on Amnesty—they are being forced into it reluctantly. But if Amnesty is a fait accompli and Republicans can avoid actually voting for it, they will go along.

Obama has already shown his willingness to act unilaterally and without Congressional approval. Even the MSM has finally noticed he is doing it right now, with Obamacare. [Yet Another White House Obamacare Delay: Out-Of-Pocket Caps Waived Until 2015, By Avik Roy, Forbes, August 13, 2013] In the Cultural Marxist view held by Obama’s operatives, both the law and the Constitution exist only to serve the Regime. If either get in the way, they are abandoned.

The only question left: timing. The Obamacare fallout is preventing the President from taking any major actions. But he is simply waiting for the outrage to fade before he takes his next move.

To stop his grab for power, Republicans need to take their own action to put a stop to these Administrative Amnesties—including that for military relatives. To do nothing makes the GOP leadership no better than collaborators in Obama’s slow-motion coup.

The blogger Federale (Email him) is a 4th generation Californian and a veteran of federal law enforcement, including service in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Federale's opinions do not represent those of the Department of Homeland Security or the federal government, and are an exercise of rights protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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