A Reader Tries "Guilt by Association", but we were born and bred in that briar patch.
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From:  Eugene Flynn

Peter Brimelow bemoans the use of the term "racist" to describe him and then proceeds to put immigration enthusiasts in the same category as liberals and complacent country-club Republicans.  Well, I don't believe Mr. Brimelow is a racist, but I do see him in lockstep with the Zero Population Growth crowd and the environmental extremists, two groups I would refer to as liberal.

I on the other hand am an immigration enthusiast, do not belong to any country club, and send contributions to such groups as Young America's Foundation (Ron Robinson), The Leadership Institute (Morton Blackwell), Media Research Center (Brent Bozell); The Jesse Helms Center Foundation and the Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation (school choice).

Consequently, when I read the ramblings of Peter Brimelow, I do not perceive that I am reading the writings of a racist.  No, I just see the words of another member of the liberal media establishment trying to blame immigration for the ills of society rather than focusing on the true problem, the welfare state.

— Pax vobiscum, 

Eugene J. Flynn

Peter Brimelow rambles back: But two can play at the guilt-by-association game. As an immigration enthusiast, you are on the side of La Raza, MALDEF, and MEChA which are not merely socialistic but actually anti-American. By contrast, no one in the "liberal media establishment" really supports immigration reform. I dare say I've done as much as anyone in the mainstream media to "focus" on the welfare state. But the numbers and character of the immigrant flow would be a political problem if there were no transfer payments at all.

Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori!

November 14, 2001

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