The $PLC Doesn’t Want People Like Me To Have A Job—Please Give So I Can Continue Working For You!
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The old newsroom is a thing of the past—the man at the desk with his back to the camera is my grandfather, ca. 1957.

Years ago, I attended a BuskerFest and spoke to a professional juggler who mentioned the resentment he felt when people passing him busking on the street would yell at him “get a job!” “This is my job!” he said. “It’s what’s listed under ‘profession’ on my passport.”

In my case, is not a hobby, as it is with many bloggers, but my full time job, the thing I get my livelihood from, and which pays my bills. That’s why I would be personally grateful if you give (tax-deductibly) to’s Christmas Fundraising Appeal—now! wasn’t always my job. I’ve had other jobs in my life, but it’s what’s dominated my life since 2001, when I won the Year 2000 Christmas Competition and received not only an autographed copy of Alien Nation, but an offer of a full-time job doing research, writing my Fulford File column and editing’s Today’s Letters feature, and hyperlinking all articles. Which was good, because I needed a job.

“Hyperlinking”, which I’m now an expert in, is something new in journalism. It means that you don’t have to take our word for anything that’s quoted, because we’ll always link to an external source, and our quotations are a hundred percent accurate. does this better than any other journal of opinion on the Internet.

In fact, our practice of linking to all quotes, studies, stories, and legal opinions we refer to means that is better fact-checked than most magazines and all newspapers.

It also means our friends in the Main Stream Media can quote the points we make without having to take the risk of upsetting the $outhern Poverty Law Center by citing us. We don’t mind—we’re a charity, after all!

That’s what you, the donor, get out of your donations.

What I get is this job, which is good because if I lose it, the current Political Correctness Regime—as embodied in the $PLC and Media Matters, to say nothing of Conservatism, Inc.—will try to keep me from ever getting another one.

The experiences of Peter Brimelow, Joe Sobran, Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, and even Jason Richwine show that.

So the survival of is linked not only to the survival of the Dissident Right, and to the future of America on the macro level—it’s linked to my actual personal survival on the micro level.

I will be personally grateful for your continued support. Please give now!

Merry Christmas!


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