The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Yes, Virginia, There Is A War On Easter—And Also War On Easter Denial
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This is from a report by Sir Ralph Lane, who might be considered the first Governor of Virginia, in 1586, even before the Lost Colony of Virginia

"Easter day in the morning the wind coming very calm, we entered the sound, and by four of the clock we were at Chipanum, whence all the savages that we had left there were left, but their weirs did yield us some fish, as God was pleased not utterly to suffer us to be lost: for some of our company of the light horsemen were far spent. The next morning we arrived at our home Roanoke..."

[Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke: The First English Colony of America, by Andrew Thomas Powell, 2011]

That was Easter Sunday 1586. And people have been celebrating Easter in America ever since.

Since our current fundraising appeal featured a picture of Peter Brimelow's daughter Felicity Deonne, I'll add a picture of the baptism of Virginia Dare, the first white child of English parentage born in the New World, baptized August 24, 1587.

In line with the War On Christmas, there are signs of a "War On Easter" by which I mean calling the Easter Bunny the "Spring Bunny," changing  the name of  Easter to "Celebration of Spring" to avoid "giving offence" to  people who hate religion, especially the Christian religion.

Brenda Walker noted an Easter Egg incident recently—War On Easter: Seattle School Steers Students to Spring Spheres. Oh, and singer Lady Gaga chose Easter Sunday for the official release of a song called "Judas."

But here's what else we notice: War On Easter Denial. There must be no War on Easter, because they're already declared that there is "no War on Christmas."

The last of these, Ellen's News Hounds post, accuses Fox News—and by extension Christians—of "whining" about insults to their traditional symbols. That's something that's frequently heard in reference to the War On Christmas.

It's also something that's not heard in reference to all the kerfuffles about "racism," "xenophobia", "homophobia" and "sexism." It's not something we hear from these left-wing sources about Muslims and racial profiling, and it's not something we hear about ethnic slurs.

Oh, we hear a lot of actual whining about all of this, but we don't hear it called whining unless we call it that ourselves. News Hounds' Ellen whines:

"Poor, poor Sean Hannity. He may be a multimillionaire but as a white Christian, he faces terrible discrimination in America. It used to be just the War on Christmas. But now the forces of evil secular liberalism are threatening Easter - or at least Hannity would have you think so. And what better way to show off being a Christian than to use your victimhood as an excuse to attack people who disagree with you?"

I think the idea is that it's ridiculous for white Christians to complain about discrimination, or attacks on us, because we're the majority—currently—therefore we have no right to complain.

They will still continue saying that our complaints are childish and ridiculous until, one day, they reach the point already reached, somewhat prematurely, by Village Voice writer Laurence Chua, who, in what is Peter Brimelow's favourite hostile review of Alien Nation, wrote:  "His fear is justified. We will bury him."

But it's Easter, and the Story of Easter is the story of Death, Burial...and Resurrection.

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(Steve Sailer's kids got a rabbit for Easter. What they didn't get was an illegal alien to do the vacuuming. Read about why this was unnecessary.)

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