The Fulford File, By James Fulford: Happy New Year 2007!
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Happy New Year 2007!

By New Year I don't mean Chinese New Year, Hmong New Year, Vietnamese New Year, Buddhist New Year or Muslim New Year, but good old American New Year, Gregorian Year 2006.

Interesting incidents from 2006:

The Mohammed Cartoon Riots. Actually, the cartoons were drawn in 2005, but Muslims started rioting in February and went on for some time, and in a “Diversity vs. Freedom” note, Old Media publications in America refused to print the cartoons, because there are a whole bunch of Muslims in America. How did that happen?


Federal legislation: In immigration politics, the main thing that happened was something that didn't happen. The Senate Bill, S. 2611, failed to pass the House of Representatives, because the GOP Leadership in the House, (and some Democrats of good will) acted like a third party, standing between the pro-immigration Democrats and the pro-immigration White House.

Does that mean we're safe now? No. Because….

The election.

I Told You So is the traditional American formulation when a disaster like this happens, but immigrant Peter Brimelow picked a European one: J'Accuse…!

“It means 'I accuse' in French and was the title of the novelist Emil Zola's famous 1898 open letter alleging a miscarriage of justice in the Dreyfus Affair spy scandal. Before National Review immigration enthusiast John J. Miller accuses me of being un-American, I must note that Norman Podhoretz used the phrase a few years ago one of his articles claiming that Israel was being mistreated in some way or other that I forget….

“The full measure of Tuesday night's disaster is not simply that the self-appointed leaders who leaped on board the [conservative] movement as it came to power—the Bush dynasty, the ex- (and no doubt future) Democratic neoconservative publicists and intellectuals—have led it to shattering electoral defeat.

“Instead, the full measure of the disaster is that the conservative movement has essentially nothing to show for its moment in the sun. The discontents of the Religious Right are well-known. Economic conservatives are confronted with relentlessly increasing federal government spending. To mention one of my pet interests, far from being willing to break the power of the teacher unions and introduce market forces into public education, the Bush Administration has done exactly the opposite: moving to federalize the K-12 system in a way that is certain to be captured by the education Establishment. And, of course, Bush turned out to be bent on actually increasing immigration, already running at record nation- (and party-) breaking levels.”

For the (potential) good news, check out Time To Rethink Immigration (II): Freeing America From The Immigration Gulag, also by Peter Brimelow, June 05, 2006
“On innumerable issues—wage and price controls, welfare policy, the efficacy of military intervention overseas—the American conventional wisdom had changed out of all recognition over relatively short periods of time, without the conventionally-wise seeming to feel much need to reproach themselves for being wrong.

“It can happen in immigration policy too.

“Or, to put it another way: the Soviet Union—completely unexpectedly—collapsed. The gulag was dissolved. Alexander Solzhenitsyn returned from exile.

“The nightmare will end.”

And here are some of the things we wrote on previous New Years:  
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