Stop Speaker Boehner’s Knock-Out Game—Give NOW to Support!
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Stop Speaker Boehner’s Knock-Out Game—Give NOW to Support!Today’s news that GOP House Speaker John Boehner has hired an Amnesty advocate, Becky Tallent, a former adviser to Senator John McCain (Treason Lobby-AZ), has hit unsuspecting Americans like the notorious “knockout game,” in which black youths have been assaulting random white passers-by across the country.

The shock is especially great combined with other reports today that Boehner has assured major donors he will push through “immigration reform”—Treason Lobbyspeak for Amnesty for illegal aliens plus a massive increase in legal immigration—after the filing deadlines for primary challenges to GOP congressmen.

Prior to this apparent reckless move, the 2013 Amnesty/ Immigration Surge drive was obviously stalled, despite ceaseless cheerleading by its Main Stream Media megaphone.

But at, we know, from bitter experience since we began in 1999, that the Treason Lobby never gives up—and that the GOP leadership is in its pocket. That’s why I warned when I opened our Christmas Fundraising Appeal last Friday that “there’s still the constant fear of a sudden surprise offensive.”

We also know from experience, however, that the Treason Lobby can be defeated. The key: an informed and aroused grassroots.

That’s why must continue its vital role—supplying, free of charge, facts and analyses that simply cannot be found in the MSM. We can only do this with your help.

Just as the internet has made it impossible for the MSM to suppress indefinitely the facts of the “Knock-Out Game”— published an account over two years ago—so Boehner’s betrayal can no longer be kept Inside the Beltway.

At, we saw a dramatic reaction to Brenda Walker’s blog this afternoon. And look at the vitriolic reader comments on this Reuters story: U.S. House Speaker heartens immigration advocates with new hire (by Richard Cowan, December 3, 2013).

As of 11:13 p.m. December 3, at least 99% of the over-1650 comments were hostile—and they are strikingly articulate and informed.

I am particularly delighted to find these comments go far beyond illegal immigration to favorite themes like the need to close the anchor-baby loophole, to pass Official English—and to impose an immigration moratorium!

Not only can this new Treason Lobby offensive be defeated—immigration patriots can move to final victory.

That’s why we need you to give generously to now!

Many thanks.

Peter Brimelow

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