"Race Realism And The Jews"—The Response
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[Recently by Eugene Girin: Race Realism and the Jews]

My last article, Race Realism and the Jews, posted October 31 2006, generated a large amount of reaction from VDARE.COM readers and others. An overwhelming majority (90 percent by my estimate) of the responses I have received were extremely sympathetic messages of support and admiration from non-Jewish White nationalists who were in no way anti-Jewish, but lamented the anti-White path the American Jewish establishment has taken. Almost all of these genial emails expressed surprise and sorrow about the racial views of most American Jews and sounded hopeful that the change in American Jews' racial attitudes I have predicted will indeed come about.

The response I have received from my Jewish friends and acquaintances has been generally positive as well. Most lauded the "courage" and "brilliance" of the article and expressed fascination with its subjects (especially Rabbi Schiller). Others chastised me for making it seem like all American Blacks are anti-Semitic and hinted (albeit in a typically liberal evasive way) that I am a racist. This neither offended nor surprised me. After all, as Peter Brimelow has brilliantly written in Alien Nation –a racist is "anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal."

The small, but noticeable Jewish liberal outrage at my article meant that I did what the Jewish establishment has always feared: I spoke the uncomfortable truth about Black anti-Semitism (which is about as hard to notice as a tornado on Broadway) and I reminded American Jews that they are White (oy vey!).

The former was especially hard for liberal Jewish friends to take since not one of them could disprove the central and most hard-hitting passage of my article:

"After all, it is a plain fact, which even the Anti-Defamation League does not dare to deny, that Blacks are the most anti-Jewish group in America after American Muslims. The only openly anti-Semitic press in this country is the Black press: ( Amsterdam News, City Sun, WLIB radio). The largest anti-Semitic organization in America, the Nation of Islam, is a Black organization."

My liberal critics mumbled about the Nation of Islam being a bunch of "marginal extremists" and chastised me for claiming that the Amsterdam News is anti-Jewish "based on one anti-Semitic editorial". The fact that Farrakhan's group is one of the biggest Black American organizations and that its leader organized the Million Man March, while the Amsterdam News editorial in question was written by the rag's Publisher Emeritus has been overlooked in a typical liberal ostrich gesture of sticking their heads in the sand and wishing the uncomfortable facts away.

Another response was shock and disbelief at my mention of the Caucasian racial origin of Jews. After all, to many Jewish liberals this is tantamount to eating pork on Yom Kippur (not that they observe it or any other Jewish holy day). I had to explain to one very Zionist acquaintance that the Jews are Semites and therefore White even though we are darker than most Europeans. (I am often mistaken for an Albanian or a Turk.)

There is something almost laughably bizarre and baffling about the way so many American Jews refuse to identify themselves as White and even deny that Jews are an ethnic group. To former Soviet Jews like myself, this is utter nonsense. To us, being Jewish is primarily an ethnic characteristic. "Jew" is what it said in the nationality line of our Soviet passports. Such great Soviet Jewish intellectuals as Boris Pasternak, Alexander Galich, and Father Alexander Men (who converted to Christianity and became a famous Russian Orthodox priest and intellectual) still retained their sense of Jewish ethnic self-identity. Father Men even kept a menorah on his desk.

Another response to my article worth mentioning was a lengthy diatribe from David Duke called (in a typically condescending and pseudo-respectable fashion) "Dr. David Duke Refutes Eugene Girin on 'Racial Realism & the Jews'". In this diatribe, Duke warned against "Jews such as Eugene Girin [who] are far more dangerous to our survival than the worst Jewish, Marxist Egalitarian" and calls upon his followers to "expose and fight" Jews like me. The most ridiculous parts of Duke's laughable and obsessive screed were when "Dr." Duke asserted that the Nation of Islam and other Black racists are allies of the Whites and blames "Eugene Girin's tribe" for "America's disastrous racial policies".

The anti-Jewish obsession of Duke and his Stormfront-National Vanguard acolytes runs so deep that they express their support and admiration for Louis Farrakhan and his thugs. The British National Party's John Bean aptly characterized White nationalists like Duke as "Judeo-obsessives" in his magnificent article on the subject. White nationalists like Duke are really no nationalists at all – they are obsessed and delusional individuals who discredit and shame sane and acceptable White racial realism.

I will finish with a hopeful anecdote. Recently, I took an immigration studies class, part of my school's mandatory requirement of three credits (one class) in Black, Hispanic, or Asian-American studies. (The administration would probably have a collective nervous breakdown if a European-American studies course were proposed!)  Our professor praised our current immigration policy and waxed eloquent on how "immigration saved New York". He derided Tom Tancredo and other pro-reform congressional Republicans as intolerant and hateful bigots. The Republican loss of Congress was ascribed by him to their views on immigration. In short, he was a consistent peddler of recycled pro-immigration clichés of the Wall Street Journal variety.

I wrote a paper arguing for measures that would restrict immigration (I can email it to anyone who has the patience to read ten pages of college essay writing.) The professor simply exploded. Deriding my proposals as "nuts" and "insane" and suggesting that I need mental help, he launched into a lengthy condemnation of my views and the authors I quoted in the essay (Peter Brimelow and Michelle Malkin). The main thing that seems to have set him off was my mild suggestion that "the view on immigration is different from the Mexican border than from midtown Manhattan". After all, there are not too many Mexican immigrants trashing property, stealing cars, and attacking Americans on Park Avenue. Yet.

My friends asked me, only partly jokingly, if I "have been lynched yet" and suggested I prepare for administrative harassment. But the outcome was surprisingly positive. People from my class began to sound more like me and less like the professor. One female classmate proclaimed that "immigration is a privilege not a right". Numerous others expressed support outside the classroom.

Immigration reformers face an uphill battle in America's classrooms. But "it ain't over till it's over".

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah (and don't forget to donate to VDARE.COM)!

Eugene Girin [email him] immigrated legally from the Republic of Moldova in 1994 at the age of 10. He has been published by VDARE.COM, Front Page Magazine, and other websites.

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