Peter Brimelow: We Are On The Verge Of Having To Block VDARE.Com (Update: Three-Quarters Of The Way There!)
Print Friendly and PDF editor Peter Brimelow writes:

Peter BrimelowOur fall fundraising appeal has now raised about $17,000$20,000$21,500 $22,250—over halfway two thirds three-quarters of the way to our $30,000 goal. We are most grateful to our loyal readers. But, after a good start, momentum has sharply slowed. We are on the verge of having to block until there is real progress to our goal—something we really hate to do. Please help us now.

Barack Obama Is Daring You To Stop Him Imposing Administrative Amnesty! Call His Bluff—By Helping now!

Barack Obama has openly, publicly, explicitly pledged to break the law and hand away your country—after the midterm elections.

A President of the United States is counting on the apathy and indifference of the American people in order to push through his ruinous agenda.

Call his bluff! Donate generously to today!

Some of you will recognize that I’m one of’s newer writers. Although I’m a member of the “Millennial Generation,” I’ve worked for years in the Beltway Right and I still live in the belly of the beast. I fought to get Conservatism Inc. to take immigration seriously. And it was only after bitter experience that I realized that immigration patriots need to be their own force—not just begging for a place at the table.

But we can’t create that force without your help. And, to put it brutally, we can’t do anything unless you invest in us—we can fight for you.[More]

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