Barack Obama Is Daring You To Stop Him Imposing Administrative Amnesty! Call His Bluff—By Helping now!
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Barack Obama has openly, publicly, explicitly pledged to break the law and hand away your country—after the midterm elections.

A President of the United States is counting on the apathy and indifference of the American people in order to push through his ruinous agenda.

Call his bluff! Donate generously to today!

Some of you will recognize that I’m one of’s newer writers. Although I’m a member of the “Millennial Generation,” I’ve worked for years in the Beltway Right and I still live in the belly of the beast. I fought to get Conservatism Inc. to take immigration seriously. And it was only after bitter experience that I realized that immigration patriots need to be their own force—not just begging for a place at the table.

But we can’t create that force without your help. And, to put it brutally, we can’t do anything unless you invest in us—we can fight for you.

I’ve written before on that America is essentially under occupation. Over the last few months, the entire immigration debate has changed. No longer is anyone pretending that mass immigration is somehow good for the country.

Instead, we have the likes of Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (Reconquista-IL) demanding that the American government instantly serve the interests of his “community”—forget about the laws, the Constitution, and most of all, the American people.

But we should actually welcome this. It’s clarifying. The movement for Open Borders isn’t driven by greed so much as by hate—furious, unreasoning, unfathomable hate for the historic American nation and the country they created.

The fact that Barack Obama feels compelled to openly embrace dictatorial actions in order to destroy us tells you the stakes of this battle—and the intensity of the forces against us.

What is’s role in all this? (If you help us now!)

We—and we are alone—are building a force that can stand against both the advocates of mass immigration and the low-rent corporate lobbyists masquerading as the American conservative movement. We are building an intellectual movement that connects immigration policy to the other issues that are determining the future of the historic American nation.

To put it another way: we’re planning for the future—regardless of what Obama does or does not do.

We attack on three fronts –

  • We keep tabs on the practical political realities of elections, intraparty battles, and media scandals—bringing you the stories no one else does
  • We expose the perfidy of politicians who say they support secure borders and immigration patriotism—but then turn around and do the opposite once safely back in office
  • We are helping create a forward-looking agenda that actually speaks for the interests of the historic American nation – building the intellectual arsenal needed to actually take the offensive
We NEED you—because we do not receive taxpayer dollars, multibillion foundation grants, or corporate donors. We rely on the people whose interests we defend. We aim to be your voice. And we intend to not just “stop Amnesty”—but create a new movement.

But we can’t be that force without your help. And, to put it brutally, we can’t do anything unless you invest in us so we can fight for you.

Join us in this history-making effort. Invest in us by giving now and build a movement that can actually defend your future and your childrens’ future.

And most of all—tell Barack Obama that this is OUR country—not his.

Help us now!

James Kirkpatrick

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