Peter Brimelow Discusses Islamic Immigration With Sun-TV's Michael Coren
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Here's my Sun-TV interview with Michael Coren, October 24, 2014. Some of my Facebook friends thought I slouched too much, but one pointed out that so did William F. Buckley! And Patrick Cleburne thought my hair was too long, but he then always does.

In any case, where else have you heard the 1920s National Origins quota system defended?

Brenda Walker helpfully transcribed part of it—I said

“In the 1920’s the Americans imposed an immigration law that established a national origins system that discriminated in favor of people who came from the place most Americans had come. In 1960’s they decided it was very bad and discriminatory and they abolished it. What subsequent experience has shown is national origins actually do matter, in all kinds of ways, not just shooting soldiers, but also in academic performance and so on. People from different countries do differently… The interesting thing about this case is that the Muslim community in Canada has reached a critical mass where it actually refuses to assimilate… there’s a certain critical mass where you see reverse assimilation taking place.”
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