Memo From Middle America | GOP Should Dump Craig Romney’s Hopeless Hispandering And Appeal To Hispanics As Americans
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Today’s major party conventions are massive propaganda productions, carefully planned to appeal to target demographics. The Democrats fielded several of what they obviously regard as Hispanic superstars:

Oh, and one of the delegates was Julia Rodriguez. She apparently hadn’t been convinced by the Hispandering at the Republican Convention the previous week, and proclaimed she’d like to kill Mitt Romney

Campaign Romney’s apparent answer: 31-year old son Craig is the campaign’s go-to Hispanderer. I wrote earlier about Craig’s Spanish-language narration of the País de Inmigrantes (“Nation of immigrants”) Romney campaign ad, which unmistakably hinted at amnesty.

Now there’s a new audio ad out, with Craig speaking Spanish. (Same stuff—nation of immigrants, revive the American dream, grandpa George born in Mexico, blah blah blah). Additionally, here Craig is interviewed by CNN en Español. And you can click here for a (nauseating) chat Craig and mom Ann had with Jorge Ramos on Univision.

Craig speaks Spanish as a result of his Mormon mission. Unlike the one-week mission trips so beloved by American evangelicals, young Mormon males typically take a two-year mission. And the Mormons are serious about language training. Missionaries who go to non-English speaking countries have a five-month crash immersion course, followed by two years of intensive practice during their mission. Mitt Romney did his mission in France, Craig Romney did his in Spanish-speaking Chile.

Let’s analyze what Craig had to say at the Republican National Convention—you can view the video here and see a translation here). Warning: he doesn’t merely Hispander, but does so with this stomach-turning warm and fuzzy rhetoric that is so in vogue.

Craig began:

I am honored and humbled to speak with you tonight. I am incredibly proud of my father, and love him dearly.

[AW: Wow, what a recommendation! Could Sasha and Malia could say the same about their dad! ]

It is my privilege to say a few words in Spanish, so please bear with me for a moment.

[AW: Thanks for the warning, Craig. You’re going to speak in a foreign language that the majority of the delegates don’t even understand. Thanks.]

Buenas Noches. Es un placer estar con ustedes. Good evening. It’s a pleasure to be with you (plural).


Yo pase dos años viviendo y trabajando en Chile. A través de esa experiencia, pude valorar aún más como hispanos han aportado a la diversa riqueza de los Estados Unidos.


I spent two years living and working in Chile. Through that experience, I was able to appreciate even more how Hispanics have contributed to the diverse wealth of the United States.

[AW: How could living in Chile—a white country with little in common with the places from most U.S. Hispanics derive—show him “how Hispanics have contributed to the “diverse wealth” of the United States? And what is “diverse wealth” anyway? My suspicion: Craig isn’t referring to literal wealth, but to the “wealth of cultural diversity” or something like that.]

Mi padre - Mitt Romney - es un hombre de familia. Él es un gran esposo, padre y abuelo. Él sabe como unir a nuestro país y valora que somos una nación de inmigrantes, unidos en el deseo de lograr el sueno americano.

My father—Mitt Romney—is a family man. He is a great husband, father and grandfather. He knows how to unite our country and appreciates that we are nation of immigrants, united in the desire of achieving the American dream.

[AW: For the umpteenth time, the U.S. is NOT a nation of immigrants. It’s a nation of AMERICANS—and if immigrants don’t become Americans, then it’s all over.]

El ama a nuestra nación. El luchará para confrontar los retos que tenemos y restaurar la grandeza de los Estados Unidos.

He loves our nation. He will fight to face the challenges that we have and restore the greatness of the United States.

[AW: Hopelessly vague. I would prefer that Romney restore our greatness by getting control of our border and shutting down legal immigration, but needless to say that’s not what Craig means.

Then Craig goes back to English, but after saying “It’s easy to forget...” the applause has built up so he says “Thank you” before proceeding.]

It's easy to forget that the story of my father's success begins with the story of two immigrants—my grandfathers—who came to this country with little more than hope in the opportunity of America.

[AW: Here Craig almost choked up and had to say “Thank you” again. His grandfathers are George Romney, born in Mexico, and Edward Davies, born in Wales, both of whom relocated to the United States. Of course, both derived from British stock—but it wouldn’t be Politically Correct for Craig to mention that, so he emphasizes they were both immigrants.]

Through their hard work and perseverance they lived the American Dream, and gave opportunities to their children they wouldn't have had anywhere else. The Republican Party is dedicated to preserving that opportunity for all Americans.

[AW: Once again, it’s this “American Dream”—a warm and fuzzy concept apparently held more in respect these days than the U.S. Constitution, which never mentions it. Note, too, Craig’s claim about “opportunities” their children “wouldn’t have had anywhere else.” He thinks there are no opportunities in any other country besides the United States?]

We've had the privilege of hearing about different chapters of this same inspiring American story from Governors Sandoval and Martinez and soon-to-be-Senator Cruz. We're seeing this story play out in the lives of many other Hispanic Americans who have become leaders in the Republican Party and throughout our nation. These leaders, along with Hispanics across the country, will play a vital role in the Romney-Ryan comeback, as we fight to put America back on the path to prosperity.

[AW: Maybe Craig actually believes in the Hispanic Tidal Wave myth. For the real numbers, see below]

Thank you.

[AW: Gracias, Craig.] 

Craig Romney Addresses Spanish (Fox News Latino, Aug. 30th, 2012)

Did this painful Hispandering work?

According to the Latino Decisions website, Romney did get a bump—his support rose to its highest level for ten months...from 26% to 30%! (Tracking Poll Wave 2: Romney gains among Latinos post-convention, by Matt Barreto, Latino Decisions, September 3, 2012).

I don’t think even Craig Romney can pull this one off. It’s hopeless.

But remember, that 30% of the Hispanic vote is only part of what CIS projects is will be a whopping 8.9% of the total vote in 2012. Wow!

In other words, even if the Romney campaign gets the 38% of the Hispanic vote that The Hill reports it for some reason regards as the “magic number,” that’s still a mere 3.3% of the total vote.

In contrast, CIS projects non-Hispanic whites will cast 73.4% of the total vote.

Can’t these Republican campaign consultants count?

Here’s my suggestion to the Romney Campaign:

  • Quit pandering to Hispanics.
  • Appeal to them as American citizens.
  • If you’re really serious about jobs and the economy, announce you support an immigration moratorium, so jobs can go to Americans first.

Without pandering to Hispanics at all, you’ll get a surprising proportion of Latino voters who (shock!) actually think of themselves as Americans. 

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A in 2008, after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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