A Nevada Reader Says "Rory" (=Reid) Is Opposed By Hispanic Immigration Patriot
July 08, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Vanessa Brown (e-mail her)

To understand how much trouble immigration champion Harry Reid`s reelection effort is, look at his son Rory`s campaign in the Nevada gubernatorial race.

The Senate Majority Leader is so toxic in Nevada that his son Rory refuses to mention his last name Reid.

The younger Reid`s ads refer to him only as "Rory" or "Rory 2010" He`s also avoided campaigning with his father.

Republican and former federal judge Brian Sandoval leads Reid by more than 20 points over Democrat Rory Reid in Nevada`s race for governor.

Sandoval, a Hispanic born in California, supports Arizona`s S.B. 1070 and opposes driver`s licenses for illegal aliens. [Brian Sandoval`s Move Right Distresses Hispanics, by David Schwartz, Las Vegas Sun, May 4, 2010]

Joe Guzzardi comments: Based on my experience teaching immigrant children, I estimate that naming your child "Brian" indicates that Sandoval`s family is at least third generation American, possibly fourth or fifth.