A Nevada Reader Says "Rory" (=Reid) Is Opposed By Hispanic Immigration Patriot
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From: Vanessa Brown (e-mail her)

To understand how much trouble immigration champion Harry Reid's reelection effort is, look at his son Rory's campaign in the Nevada gubernatorial race.

The Senate Majority Leader is so toxic in Nevada that his son Rory refuses to mention his last name Reid.

The younger Reid's ads refer to him only as "Rory" or "Rory 2010" He's also avoided campaigning with his father.

Republican and former federal judge Brian Sandoval leads Reid by more than 20 points over Democrat Rory Reid in Nevada's race for governor.

Sandoval, a Hispanic born in California, supports Arizona's S.B. 1070 and opposes driver's licenses for illegal aliens. [Brian Sandoval's Move Right Distresses Hispanics, by David Schwartz, Las Vegas Sun, May 4, 2010]

Joe Guzzardi comments: Based on my experience teaching immigrant children, I estimate that naming your child "Brian" indicates that Sandoval's family is at least third generation American, possibly fourth or fifth.

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