Memo From Mexico | Whose Side Are U.S. "Latino Officials" On?
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Some of America's most patriotic citizens are Americans of Mexican ancestry. And some of them read

I get email from Americans of Mexican ancestry who are just as concerned about the ongoing immigration disaster as we are.

But the Hispandering so in vogue today is not aimed at them. Both parties work overtime to appease activists, organizations, and elected officials, who demand special privileges, group rights and open borders.

Disturbingly, many prominent Mexican-American politicians seem to function more as agents of the Mexican government than as American officials.

Unrepentant Mechistas Antonio Villaraigosa and Cruz Bustamante climbed to the top of California politics. Villaraigosa publicly boasted that the president of Mexico helped to mug Proposition 187 in the courts.

In June 2002, a group of California state legislators joined Mexican diplomats for a strategy meeting.

In August, 2002, Teresa Sanchez-Gordon, a judge in the Superior Court of California, LA County, was a guest on Vicente Fox's weekly radio show. Never once did Her Honor mention her American citizenship. But she did pledge to utilize the judiciary to promote Mexican interests. The judge spoke of "our people" (Mexicans, not Americans) and spoke fawningly to Fox of "your leadership."

As I reported recently in VDARE.COM, Mexican-American legislators in a conference in Mexico this summer so flagrantly took the side of the Mexican government against their fellow Americans that even an Anglo politician (!) who was there spoke up in protest.

And U.S. congressmen Luis Gutierrez and Xavier Becerra have publicly taken the side of the Mexican government against fellow congressman Tom Tancredo.

Do we detect a pattern here?

Polling indicates that most Americans want our immigration laws enforced. Yet prominent Mexican-American politicians continually support driver's licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and the acceptance of the matricula consular. They do their best to stymie border security, even after the bitter lesson 9/11 should have taught us.

This phenomenon is being successfully exploited by the government of Mexico. (See my article "Undue Influence" in The Social Contract, Winter 2002.) The Mexican government and media see all Americans of Mexican ancestry, regardless of citizenship, as Mexicans—and as tools of Mexican foreign policy.

This must be offensive to patriotic Americans of Mexican ancestry, but once again, they are not the ones being courted. The Mexican-Americans with the influence, the ones being listened to and pandered to—are the ones who promote open borders, in cahoots with the government of Mexico.

And the Mexican government is only warming up. It recently hosted another conference in Mexico City, specifically designed for Mexican-American officials. (Recibe Derbez a alcaldes de EU de origen mexicano, El Universal, October 27th, 2003)

They called it the "Primera Jornada Informativa para Funcionarios Latinos Electos y Designados" (the "First Public Awareness Conference for Elected and Appointed Latino Officials.")

Notice it's "the first"—meaning they plan to have more!)

The conference was held in Mexico on October 27th and 28th. It was attended by 30 delegates, all of them U.S. mayors and state legislators of Mexican ancestry. They were able to meet and network with Mexican government officials, congressional leaders and academics.

Delegates included California legislator Marco Antonio Firebaugh (who also attended the meeting with the Mexican diplomats in 2002, see above), California senator Gil Cedillo (perennial campaigner for driver's licenses for illegal aliens) and Texas legislator Rick Noriega (champion of in-state tuition for illegal aliens). Also in attendance were California legislators Fabian Nuñez and Bonnie Garcia—a Republican—and 25 others.

At the press conference the second day of the Jornada, Representative Firebaugh impressed upon Mexico the need to seek a migratory accord with the U.S. Firebaugh—speaking on foreign soil, remember—spoke of the "exploitation of Mexican workers," a situation that he said "requires an intervention by the Mexican government" (my emphasis) to accomplish an amnesty followed by more "guest workers."

(Finalmente Marco Antonio Firebaugh, representante de origen latino del Distrito 50 de California, conminó a México a buscar un acuerdo migratorio con EU que no se base sólo en la situación de los trabajadores temporales, sino que abogue por la regularización de los mexicanos que trabajan desde hace años en ese país.

Para Firebaugh, la situación de "explotación de trabajadores mexicanos" en EU "requiere una intervención del Gobierno mexicano", que debería centrarse antes que nada en la situación de los indocumentados para solicitar después un marco de regulación nuevo con visados de trabajo para empleados en programas temporales.—"Legisladores hispanos instan a Fox a visitar pronto California", La Opinion, Oct. 29th, 2003)

So tell me, which government is Firebaugh working for?

Foreign Minister Derbez seemed rather pleased with his colleagues from the northern territories.

According to El Universal,

"Derbez emphasized 'the work that elected Latino officials accomplish at the local level in favor of' Mexicans in the U.S."

(Derbez resaltó "la labor que los funcionarios latinos electos a nivel local realizan en favor" de los mexicanos residentes en Estados Unidos.)

Derbez is also pleased at the work these officials have carried out in promotion of the matricula consular, a document successfully used by Mexico to subvert U.S. immigration law (with the active collaboration of too many U.S. officials, most not of Mexican ancestry).

Derbez spoke of

"the support that the people's representatives of Latin origin have offered to the matricula consular, so that it be recognized as a valid identification document in a wide variety of procedures, for example the acquisition of a driver's license or the opening of a bank account." (También, "el apoyo que los representantes populares de origen latino han brindado a la matrícula consular, para que sea reconocida como documento válido de identificación en una amplia variedad de trámites, como la obtención de una licencia de manejar y la apertura de una cuenta bancaria".)

Congratulations, "Latino Officials." The Mexican government is very proud of you.

Ordinary Americans, on the other hand, might not appreciate what you're up to.

That is, if they still have any say in the matter.

American citizen Allan Wall lives and works legally in Mexico, where he holds an FM-2 residency and work permit, but serves six weeks a year with the Texas Army National Guard, in a unit composed almost entirely of Americans of Mexican ancestry. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his FRONTPAGEMAG.COM articles are archived here; his website is here. Readers can contact Allan Wall at [email protected].

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