An Hispanic Reader Objects To Mexican Subversion
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April 11, 2003

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From: Frank Vera, California

Those who profit financially from illegal immigration and agents of the Mexican government would like to convince Americans that all Hispanics are in favor of illegal immigration. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of Hispanics, including myself, are decent, law-abiding, loyal Americans who strongly oppose illegal immigration.

These profiteers love playing word games to confuse the issue. Contrary to their propaganda, all illegal aliens are criminals - not immigrants, migrants, or any other creative Orwellian term used to try to deceive the American people.

Americans must realize when representatives of the Mexican Consul, La Raza, or MEChA demand "social benefits" or "rights" for illegal aliens in the U.S. that this is an attack on America's sovereignty by enemy agents of Mexico. They claim to be fighting for all Hispanics or Latinos, but they are not. They represent only one ethnic group or nationality, Mexican or Chicano. Simply put, they are socialist Mexican nationalists, or representatives of the "National Socialist Party of Mexico", Mexican Nazis, and they are the enemy of all Americans.

Remember that even though all Mexicans are Hispanic, not all Hispanics are Mexican, and Mexicans represent a small percentage of the total Hispanic population of America.

The majority of Americans, including those of Mexican descent, want our immigration laws enforced and all illegal aliens deported.

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