Memo From Mexico | Mexicans Get The Message, Even If GOP Doesn't—Race Is Destiny In American Politics
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You can't tell from the MSM, but the best way to look at the recent election is from a demographic point of view. McCain won the white vote, but not by a big margin. At 96%, Obama carried the black vote. In both the Asian-American vote and the Hispanic vote, Obama beat McCain 2 to 1.

Furthermore, among Latin American immigrants  who voted, McCain was shellacked. While Hispanics in general went 67-31 for Obama, among foreign-born Latinos the margin was 78 to 22.

Yes, the future looks great for the GOP, doesn't it? Today's mass immigration is, in essence, a Democratic Voter Importation System. It's completely understandable that the Democrats support it. But why do Republicans?

Nevertheless, we're already being lectured that the problem is that Republicans didn't pander enough to Hispanics. Which is amazing when you consider how much McCain has pandered to Hispanics throughout his political career. And this is the thanks he received!

The demographic aspect of election '08 did not go unnoticed south of the border. El Universal, Mexico's paper of record, ran articles entitled Emerge Coalición de Minorías en EU [Coalition of Minorities Emerges in the U.S.] and Cambio Demográfico Impulsó a Obama, [Demographic Change Propelled Obama] both by Wilbert TorreEnviado, November 6, 2008.

Yeah, they get it—even if many of our people don't.

The Mexican government, ever attentive, is gearing up for a new round of meddling. On November 7th, Foreign minister Patricia Espinosa announced that, upon Obama's assumption of the presidency, "Mexico will again take up the agenda that includes the migratory accord as a priority".

As reported by El Universal:

"In a press conference, she said that President Felipe Calderon is confident that with the arrival of Obama to the presidency of the United States, a migratory accord that permits both nations a legal, safe and orderly migratory flow, will finally be achieved. She also said that 'the government of Mexico hopes that the president-elect of the United States will change his position on the construction of the border wall'."

"According to the Foreign Minister, 'the government of Felipe Calderon will continue proposing in a respectful but firm manner, that the border wall is not compatible with the relation of friendship and the character of partnership that exists between Mexico and the United States '." [Replanteará México ante Obama Acuerdo Migratorio, El Universal, Nov. 7th 2008]

Well, that's not exactly surprising, now is it?

El Universal also ran stories highlighting people who are pinning their hopes on Barack Obama. One was a celebrity illegal alien, Flor Crisóstomo, a Mexican Zapotec Indian "in resistance", to whom the recent elections "meant so much":

"Barack Obama is her hope, and [the hope] she says, of at least 12 million 'indocumentados' in that country." [EU: Migrantes en Resistencia (U.S.: Migrants in Resistance), Carolina Rocha, El Universal, November 9, 2008]

The article explains how Flor, arrested in 2006 as an illegal alien, has become an activist in the U.S. fighting for the rights "of the undocumented People".

If Flor was arrested, why wasn't she deported? On the recommendation of the Mexican consulate in Chicago, she refused to sign her deportation order.

Neat trick that. Somebody ought to try it in Mexico!

Eventually, after being given a deportation date, Flor found her way to the same Methodist church that sheltered the famous Elvira. There Flor continues her high-profile activism while making jewelry to sell, and sending money to her kids (whose dad is never mentioned) in Mexico.

Another article related the hopes of Mexican-Americans in Arizona, John McCain's state, who voted for Obama. It quotes a lady who believes that the Virgin of Guadalupe  won it for Obama:

"The Virgin of Guadalupe performed a miracle for Bernadina Chavez, a Mexican-American of Mesa, Arizona. Yesterday, with an enormous smile on her face, she said she asked [it of] the image that she brought from Mexico. She had never felt such happiness , of knowing that her candidate Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States. "

As I reported this past summer, John "The Panderer" McCain visited the Basilica of the  Virgin of Guadalupe , apparently hoping it would win him Mexican-American votes. Guess what?—it didn't.

Anyway, back to Bernadina Chavez in Arizona:

"She and her family voted for Obama, seeking change for all the Hispanics in the United States, because she has seen how in the last year her neighbors that had work lost it, entire families have been separated due to the raids that they carry out in Arizona, that parents are deported and their children stay because they are Americans [that is, anchor babies], that businesses are disappearing and that they are offended on the street just for being of Mexican origin. 'All that is going to change now. It has already changed today because the people went out happy to the street because they have hope, because now we can be more secure here and those who don't have papers can get them and they don't have to think about returning where they came from '." [La Guadalupana nos hizo el milagro, By Doris Gomora, El Universal, November 6, 2008]

So despite all of John McCain's eager betrayal of American sovereignty in order to please Latinos, the candidate 1) lost the Hispanic vote by a wide margin; 2) is not popular in Mexico; and 3) still lost the election.

Time for a change of strategy. The GOP has no choice but to adopt the Sailer Strategy instead.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) resides in Mexico, with a legal permit issued him by the Mexican government. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here and his website is here.

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