Don’t Miss This Opportunity—Invest in Before It Is Too Late!
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This is the moment we have been waiting for. And it may never come again.

Political movements can labor in the wilderness for years, even decades, before achieving a breakthrough. Though immigration patriots have consistently defeated Amnesty time and again, and has played an indispensable part in that effort, the hard reality is that we have been on the strategic defensive for years. But today, that has all changed.

Because of the improbable rise of Donald Trump, a billionaire who is not vulnerable to the machinations of the Donor Class, our ideas are now firmly in the mainstream. Indeed, they are practically the platform of the Republican frontrunner. And more importantly, candidates who have a mixed record on this issue, most notably Ted Cruz, are now running to play catch up.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the deus ex machina nature of all of this. A figure like Trump does not come along very often. In fact, it’s hard to think of any American billionaire who isn’t part of the post-American Cheap Labor Lobby. And the candidates who can’t fund themselves simply end up as the puppets of the Donor Class.

That is precisely why we need to remain cautious. The GOP Establishment is eager to change the conversation back to the usual Republican rhetoric about tax cuts for millionaires, cheap labor for the Chamber of Commerce, and pointless wars for foreign interests. And even if, by some miracle, Trump manages to win the White House, he’ll have to deal with Speaker Paul Ryan, a self-described Jack Kemp Republican whose support for an Amnesty/Immigration Surge is the dominant theme of his entire career.

More importantly, the Donald Trump campaign has revealed Conservatism Inc. regards its mostly white base not just with contempt (which we already knew) but with open hostility. And rather than the Trump campaign leading to a new era of debate and acceptance for immigration patriots and what I’ve called “National Conservatives” like Jeff Sessions, we may end up seeing an increase in the purges, tone policing, and efforts at “respectability” that dominate what passes for the American Right.

In response, what John Derbyshire has called the “Dissident Right” and what others have called the “Alternative Right” has increased in popularity. But don’t be deceived. The money and resources are all on the other side. We may not care what names the Main Stream Media or the cucks in the Beltway Right call us, but the hard reality is that we do not enjoy the funds needed to build up alternative institutions. Unless, of course, you help us.

Compare what we are able to do on such a limited budget to what it takes to compete in electoral politics. I’ve often joked that if had a budget equal to what a typical presidential candidate throws away in consultants’ fees and television ads, we would have had The Revolution by now. Consider what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last year on a shoe string budget.

  • ·        Massive expansion of our social networking efforts, practically doubling our followers within a matter of months
  • ·        Live coverage of major events, including conservative conferences, meetings, and campaign rallies
  • ·        Events around the country where readers can meet editors and contributors
  • ·        A dramatic increase in traffic and several breakthroughs into the debates in the MSM
  • ·        DAILY providing new, hard-hitting, factual content that is driving the national conversation
Even as this is written, Donald Trump has come out for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, just days after our Editor-in-Chief Peter Brimelow advocated precisely the same thing. They may not admit it, but more people than ever are reading And finally, people are beginning to act.

But this isn’t enough. Slow and steady growth is fine, but this is a time for a dramatic improvement. And the fact is we cannot do this without your help.

What is needed is an institution that the best and the brightest can work for FULL TIME. We need to drain talent away from the Conservatism Inc. and displace it. And this simply cannot be done unless we can pay writers, generate more content, implement new programs like publishing more books and creating more podcasts, and moving into online video.

It’s also important that we have a home for those writers and thinkers who are driven out of the Beltway Right. We are very proud that we are now the exclusive home of John Derbyshire, whose purge from National Review served as the final example of that once venerable institution’s uselessness and cowardice. He was not the first casualty of the “cuckservative” quest for respectability and he won’t be the last. But voices like these will fall silent unless we have institutions in place ready to support them.

What is the mission of Why do I write? Everyone who contributes here has their own answer. But my answer has always been to build an authentic American patriotic movement that will settle for nothing less than victory. And creating such a movement is now closer than ever. The Trump campaign has shown people are ready for it. The rebellion against Open Borders and the tyranny of political correctness is breaking out of the Establishment and the media’s control.


I hate to be blunt, but money talks. So many people ask what they can do. And the fact is, the most important thing you can do is put your money to a cause you believe in. We can build the kind of nation and the kind of world that we want to live in. But we can only do it with your help.

You, all of you who read this, are part of our team. We fail or succeed together. No one can stay on the sidelines. You can’t afford NOT to invest in us. Because if we blow this opportunity, if we don’t build the institutions we need, if we simply assume somebody else is going to do the work of building up the real American Right that is so desperately needed, we deserve to lose. And make no mistake, we will lose everything. Our enemies are playing for keeps, and readers need no reminders of their dedication and fanaticism.

I am proud to devote my life to the patriotic struggle. I am honored to stand with men like Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire and so many others. Stand with us. Give generously and give all you can. And we promise we will never give up and we will never let you down.

If we don’t win, years from now, in a Third World America, you will look back at this time and lament you didn’t do more. I don’t intend to suffer such regret. A moment like this will NEVER come again. Let’s not lose this opportunity. Fight with us, and we promise, we will never stop fighting for you.

For America,

James Kirkpatrick

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