Happy New Year! 2016 Was The Year Of Miracles. We Need More!
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In 2015’s New Year’s Eve roundup I said Last Year Was The Year Of Dave Brat, This Has Been The Year Of Trump (But GOP Is Still Not Getting It). Let me remind you that in 2014, Dave Brat, an unfunded immigration patriot professor defeated the GOP’s House Majority leader in Virginia's 7th congressional district. Eric Cantor was really popular with donors, but the voters didn’t like his stand on Amnesty.

Well, the GOP didn’t get it. In 2015, it ran 16  potential candidates, almost all of them immigration enthusiasts,  especially ¡Jeb!, who is actually married to a Mexican woman and has Mexican children.

Trump proposed himself—and promised to deport illegals and build a wall. He was really unpopular with donors, but the voters loved him. He’s now President-elect, and Senator Jeff Sessions will be Attorney General.

Apparently, the GOP is getting It whether it likes it or not.

There will still be internal and external attempts at sabotage. We still expect to be fighting the Treason Lobby and its tools in both parties in the New Year and for the foreseeable future.

But for the next four years it appears that we’ll be fighting on the same side as the President of the United States. As VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow said back in 2013, miracles happen quite frequently in politics.

Happy New Year to all Our Readers!




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