From Juan's Mailbag . . . Americans` Anger At Illegal Immigration Now White Hot
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As the illegal alien invasion of these United States continues—with the Bush Administration and the bulk of Congress doing everything in their power to frustrate any effort to actually deport aliens—the mood of the American people continues to deteriorate.

It's very clear from our email. readers have been sending us more reports of illegal aliens than ever. (We have no special powers to deport illegals—yet! You have to report them yourself.) More and more of our emailers are getting desperate,  angry and really wondering what to do.

So without further ado, I offer the following sample of the mood in the street . . . based on one man's e-mail in-box, that is.

A Reader reports fallout from the MS-13 gang in Virginia

10/17/05 – I have been frantically trying to get the right phone number necessary in order to report and have an illegal alien deported from Virginia who is now in jail on 12 counts of different charges, who has threatened my daughter's life twice, and was locked up because he was trying to break into her house in —, VA.

I have talked to the Loudoun County police and they said they do not have any kind of INS office down there that they are in contact with. They didn't know anything about INS. I need to have this man deported for my daughter's safety. He is from El Salvador, and has been living in Leesburg, VA, in the MS13 corridor down in Leesburg, VA.

Somehow, my daughter met this Hispanic male at a neighbor's house. This Hispanic male became infatuated with my daughter, who was getting a separation from her husband. When my daughter tells this man she does not want to have a relationship with him, he becomes violent.

My daughter has two young children, ages 3 and 5, and this Hispanic male has told my daughter that her babies were not going to have a mother. My daughter admitted to me that he had threatened to kill her even before that. He keeps calling the house every 5 minutes, even now that he is in jail, from a charge of assaulting my daughter with a knife and malicious wounding, my daughter's leg was cut and he held a knife to her throat saying he was going to kill her.

When the police came that night, because a neighbor called after hearing her screaming, he jumped over the balcony and he ran away. There was a helicopter search and the Loudoun County police were looking for him all night but he evaded them. He was finally picked up by the police one night after he tried to force his way into my daughter's house. He will not take no for an answer and tells my daughter he will kill her and himself because he is so much in love with her.

This is a very violent and malicious man who needs to be deported. My daughter owns her own home and this man is trying to latch on to her. He has nothing, just a car in somebody else's name that he drives.

I have been on the internet looking for the right number to call and I have called INS and there is no button to push for this kind of issue. I need to find a number to call to report this matter.

(Again, to report an illegal alien or criminal alien resident, please read the information at this link. To make a report, contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security by calling (866) DHS-2ICE to "report suspicious activity" (866) 347-2423)

From a reluctant "conspiracy-theory kind of guy"

10/25/05 – I read your article [10/24/05 - Chertoff's "Catch And Release" Trick Reveals Bush's Secret Agenda] at VDARE.COM. Nice. But wanted to say thanks for mentioning the CFR [Council On Foreign Relations] report—what a bunch of [nonsense]. I didn't know Meissner was on that CFR thing. A lot of things kind of make sense now. On the downside, I'm becoming a conspiracy-theory kind of guy (which I don't really enjoy).

I gave up on America this year—so very gone. Oh well. Plan on moving away in the future. Or maybe (seriously) go to Mexico, become a "citizen", then sneak back into the country.

(Of course, as Allan Wall has pointed out, it's very difficult for Americans to immigrate to Mexico.)

A reader has a radical thought

10/18/05 – Juan: It may sound radical, but it may take USA Bastille Day to fix the TREASON in our Govt. PRO PATRIA!!!

(For the record, VDARE.COM does not advocate violence and remember anyone who talks about it (but probably not this reader) may well be an undercover FBI agent.

America going "to hell in a hand basket"

10/25/05 – Been reading your posts on VDARE.COM . . . what's the use? It's not just immigration, it's the whole [deleted] system, there is no rule of law, just the rule of stupidity. Unless a large majority or REAL VOCAL minority really get [angry], nothing will ever get done. One would think 9/11 would have done it, but it hasn't. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and it's almost there now.

I'm constantly reminded of the scene in Catch-22 where good ole Alfie has just killed a woman and the MPs arrest Yossarian, of course !!! Yossarian DEFIED AUTHORITY, he didn't just do something innocuous like murder.

(We understand!—but read Peter Brimelow on the politics of despair)

Use "invaders"—"illegal alien" is too politically correct!

10/30/05—I am angry: extremely angry and overwhelmingly disappointed in President Bush. As a Reagan conservative, I feel he let me down, me and all of us Reaganites. I do not like the phrase "illegal alien" nor do I care for "illegal immigrant," both are politically correct phrases and I do not believe in political correctness. Those that cross our border be it in the north or in the south, or those who come in from overseas through our airports and/shipping lanes are nothing more than foreign invaders. As such, they should be treated accordingly.

I believe our National Guard should be patrolling both borders with one order: "shoot to kill." Bush should be sending a letter to Vicente Fox, his "good friend" and let him know our intentions. If the UN squawks, tell them the door to the US of A swings both ways and don't let it hit you where the good Lord split you.

(I'm not saying all my emailers are political sophisticates! Many are very clearly just ordinary Americans. But their feelings are white-hot. Politicians ignore this issue at their peril.)

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of

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