Democrat Warns: Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Reprieve Temporary—Patriots Urgently Need To Offer New Ideas
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Hey, Immigration Patriots, it looks like we may have dodged another Amnesty bullet!—thanks to the flawed Affordable Care Act and the other missteps of the Open Border-oriented Obama Administration.

But efforts to pass another major Amnesty will continue next year, supported by the usual suspects—big business, the Catholic Church, the ethnic lobbyists, etc..

So I am calling on all you Patriots who know how to say NO to send to VDARE Editor Peter Brimelow your ideas for what to do—besides continuing to say NO.[Email Peter Brimelow.]

Thus a recent article by Lisa Mascaro [Most Americans back path to citizenship for immigrants, LA Times, November 25, 2013] megaphones a poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute/Brookings Religion, Values and Immigration Reform Survey that purportedly shows "most Americans support a path to citizenship for immigrants in the United States illegally".

Of course, this is just the usual pollaganda: the result is produced by stipulating a range of conditions for the “pathway to citizenship” that will never be enforced. If support for amnesty were really this overwhelming, how come it’s not passed already?

We need fresh ideas to break this cycle.

Engaging corporate America, a major source of funding for the Treason Lobby, would be a terrific help, but how to do it?

Well, a recent front-page Washington Post article by Howard Schneider, Recasting high school, German firms transplant apprentice model to U.S. (November 28, 2013) has a suggestion.

It tells us about a Charlotte NC high school junior, Hope Johnson, who

…thought she had things figured out. She’d been hit with wanderlust during an academic trip to Brazil, set her sights on London’s Richmond University and hoped to pursue a career in diplomacy.

It was just the kind of white-collar job that would take her far from the confines of this Southern city and please her dad, an elevator repairman who wanted his daughter to graduate from a four-year college.

That was before the 16-year-old was offered a life-defining choice by Siemens, the German industrial conglomerate: Drop everything, enroll in a competitive European-style apprenticeship, and get a free technical education and a job in return.

Johnson opted for the job. The allure of traditional college life was strong, she said, "but you gotta pay the bills."

Now, she’s learning to work with formless metal on a high-tech factory floor as part of a program that some see as an answer to one of the chief challenges facing the U.S. economy: Why, when so many people, particularly the young, are looking for work, do high-level manufacturing jobs at places like Siemens go unfilled? The country has the world’s most extensive and sophisticated system of higher education, yet top executives warn of a crisis in the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines considered to be at the core of global economic competitiveness.[Emphasis added.]

German companies such as Siemens in Charlotte or Wacker Chemical, which is building a working model of its polysilicon plant to train potential employees at Chattanooga State Community College, say German-style apprenticeship programs might help untie the knot.

At the center of the debate are people like Johnson — smart, but not academic superstars; motivated, but also concerned about the cost of college, wary of debt and from a family where tuition would be a burden.

They are the middle of the middle class — the group perhaps most disrupted by the global trends that have eaten away at the country’s manufacturing base, kept wages stagnant and contributed to a sense of stalled economic mobility.

Unlike the apprenticeships common in the United States, the programs launched by German firms attempt to find potential workers early. In Germany, it’s not unusual for students to stop traditional high school at the equivalent of 10th grade and spend several years working and studying…[ note: See Steve Sailer’s article The New Synthesis—And Our Posterity, on the success of this policy in Germany.]

By the end of her four-year fellowship, when she will be 20, Johnson will have a foothold in the labor force and an associate’s degree — without the debt that has increasingly made many young people wary of college. She will also be earning about $34,000 a year, according to the Charlotte area’s Apprenticeship 2000 program, which Johnson joined.

Siemens, she said, will be where she makes a career. "I can go anywhere — to Australia and Brazil and back," she said. "I will still get to travel. That is the goal. But I plan on staying with Siemens. I have no reason to ever leave.""

Pushing the education of our own citizens, already located in the communities in which they will work, acculturated to our country, speaking our language, and embracing our ethics about work and life! Wow!

Patriots should mount a "Hire And Train American Teens Campaign".

What about other, tear-jerking aspects of the post-1965 immigration disaster like the so-called DREAMers? Or long-time illegal alien workers? Or Anchor Babies?

I don’t have answers, just questions. I know our set positions, but I would like to encourage innovative responses that Speaker Boehner could put together as the House begins work on its response to S. 744 and the Obama Open-Border onslaught.

When Obama was heckled recently by an illegal immigrant, he talked about his fealty to the Rule of Law and told his heckler that he wanted to go that route, even though it would be hard!

In fact, of course, he has already begun to abrogate by Executive Order the immigration laws on the books.

So, yes, fix the border, pass mandatory use of E-Verify, eliminate birthright citizenship, etc.—but also put together a counter-offensive to get those wavering, bleeding-heart, economically-liberal, romantically Open-Borders folks to understand that more aliens are not better, but in fact a formula for disaster—and not far down the road.

Every ailing aspect of our country—education, environment, employment, public safety etc.—is further exacerbated by the presence of massive illegal immigration and by the legal immigration surge implicit in “comprehensive immigration reform.”

I am not a clever political maven, but many of you readers and contributors are. So let’s hear it for how to get past this dangerous, ruinous alien flood.

C’mon, send us your thoughts, don’t just sit there and pretend we can keep winning by standing on the defensive when the flood is coming next year, or whenever, but definitely coming.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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