Democrat Decries New Open Border Lobby Juggernaut
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Here we go, folks. The major power players favoring flooding our nation with unlimited legal and illegal immigrants have coalesced into a group which dubs itself the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR). [VDARE.COM note: The acronym CCIR, has of course, been used for years by a patriotic group, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.] CCIR announced on March 13th that it will make a $4 million effort to ram cheap labor as well as ethnically and religiously simpatico aliens down the throats of American citizens who time after time have pleaded with American government at all levels for relief from this invasion.

Over 50 million new arrivals and their offspring have come to the US since passage of the ill advised 1965 immigration reform legislation, swamping our lives with unneeded, unnecessary problems. And now there is pressure to further exacerbate a terrible situation even more.

Most of us have just plain had enough! The situation has gotten desperate! A real reform solution has become more important by far than any other issue facing America. We must begin by stopping this proposed new major amnesty cold!

You can bet that $4 million is only the ante in the pot of money this powerful juggernaut can muster to this task. In CCIR's press release entitled "Historic Nationwide Campaign Launched For Comprehensive Immigration Reform" we are made quickly aware that this is a take-over bid for America by illegal aliens and their supporters who see gains for their selfish selves.

While the cover for this is a listing of dozens of organizations with locally-anchored names, the big forces masterminding this heinous scheme are well-known organizations such as La Raza.

From the press release:

"'This campaign is unprecedented in the pro-immigration community,' said Cecilia Muñoz, Senior Vice President of the National Council of La Raza. 'Never before have we brought together under one banner such a formidable political coalition to fight for passage of comprehensive immigration reform. We now have the money, the people and the political will to punch this vital issue over the goal line in Congress and make America a better place to live and work.'

"Make America a better place to live and work"for whom? Not for American citizens.

The release continues:

"The campaign already has approximately $4 million on hand, and is expanding its war chest for what many believe will be a defining legislative debate in Congress this year. The campaign is anchored in the work of leading local and national groups committed to comprehensive immigration reform that will work and that will pass. It will feature a strong central staff headquartered in Washington, DC supported by a bi-partisan team of lobbyists, communications specialists and a field operation in 30 key states."

This latest push for massive illegal amnesty is not a game being played by amateurs, but by carefully organized and funded professional lobbyists who know exactly how to tweak the Congressional system for maximum results. Crying illegal alien mothers and children will be the frontispieces, but the hard bucks and savvy strategists will be guiding every step, just like a carefully orchestrated Communist takeover worked during the Cold War.

American citizens are about to be had. Possibly before anything can be done, the amnesty bill—which is always called, in perfect Orwellian "doublespeak" ,"comprehensive immigration reform"—will be flying through Congress to Bush's waiting arms at the White House.

Bush's dismal Presidency would be capped by another disastrous policy decision—witness his speech in Guatemala during his current good will tour:

"'The system needs to be fixed,, he said during his first visit to this impoverished nation, which many have fled seeking opportunities in the United States, legally and illegally. 'It seems like to me, we've got to get this done by August.' Although he called that a goal rather than a deadline, it was the first time Bush has prodded lawmakers with a time frame since Democrats took over Congress. It also was a tacit acknowledgment that the next few months represent his last chance to push through the most significant domestic initiative remaining in his presidency." [In Guatemala, Bush Vows to Push Immigration Changes, By Peter Baker, Washington Post, March 13, 2007]

Just so you are not confused about the sophistication of this power play by top ethnic and religious groups, ably abetted by the US Chamber of Commerce, a March 3rd article in the Chicago Sun Times describes the vast organizational skills being employed. It begins,

"The question probably went through the minds of a few curious onlookers as they rushed past the Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams during the noon hour Wednesday: What would possess those priests and their small crowd to be praying the rosary outdoors on such a blustery day? For Wednesday was one of those late-winter Chicago days where, at first, the brisk air seemed palatable, but after any length of time in it there was no mistaking that this was an unpleasant, biting cold. What anyone hurrying by was seeing Wednesday was the first of six multilingual Lenten rosaries of hope. They are being led by members of the Priests for Justice for Immigrants, an organization of more than 130 archdiocesan priests, in conjunction with the Catholic Campaign of Immigration Reform."

[Immigration reform fight not going away March 3, 2007, By Sue Ontiveros]

We have heard often from Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles on how important it is to bring as many poor, uneducated illegal alien workers into that city and state, where gang crime is burgeoning to an all time high and the Mayor won't acknowledge that the root of the problem is illegal immigration.

So here it is. A bald, bold grab for our precious birthrights by a greedy band who see their best chance now and they are surely going for it.

When will the voices of the 80% of Americans who consistently want real immigration reform be heard? It is outrageous to have these alien voices and their proxy pushers ramming their numbers into our country with no relief in sight.

Enforcement by the Homeland Security Department is sporadic and politically motivated. Bush's Attorney General has discharged eight seasoned, qualified US Attorneys for obviously political reasons. The jury that convicted Scooter Libby saw him as the fall guy of higher ups.

Frankly, I believe that impeachment of this President is overdue. Of course, my Democratic Party leaders do not see political profit in this just action, so it is not happening. But any of them, Democrat or Republican who would facilitate with another large amnesty this raging illegal immigration invasion should be turned out of office as promptly as possible.

A real reform bill would make those here illegally self deport over time. Realizing that their own country is ruthlessly exporting them to the US because its own economic system doesn't generate decent employment, these good folks would over time simply go home.

Main stream immigration reformers are not talking about mass roundups for deportation. What most reformers want is a humane and effective process that forces employers to insure that they are hiring only those here legally. The FBI and other branches are looking so hard for terrorists with the most sophisticated techniques affordable, not nearly enough effort is being focused on making personal ID easy to ascertain.

This reform process does not involve rocket science. It simply takes the will power to recognize that our country does not need these excess exported illegal aliens.

As pamphleteer patriot Tom Paine said in another context at the beginning of our Republic, this approach is just "common sense". It could be done—if our elected elites had the will to do so.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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