Another WaPo Open Border Tear-Jerker by N.C. Aizenman
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N.C. Aizenman (email her) has made a specialty of articles in the Washington Post that have consistently pled the case for allowing all good things to be provided to those poor illegal immigrants. You know, those sad cases where having come here illegally—caused, of course by the draw of the American job market–they now should be automatically given all the benefits of US citizenship because they are honest, hardworking, usually non-criminal folks who are doing jobs Americans don't want to do…Sound familiar? Yep.

The picture over the web page on his April 15, 2009 Washington Post article entitled Illegal Immigrants' Legal Kids Snarl Policy features the 2006 Mall demonstration at the center of which is a large sign brandishing the message: "We are all Americans".

Si, si, señors and señoritas and señoras, but many of you were then, and are now, Latin Americans—here illegally. The caption adds: "The undocumented population seems to have leveled off since then at about 11.9 million." Oops, here are numbers utterly without certain documentation, but, hey, we are being sold again the virtues of cheap slave labor, which of course is only cheap for its users, the corporations who advertise in the Post for example.

My guess (as a Democrat) is that the Post's reporting, not only editorially but in its news columns, consistently works with objective of helping the Obama administration to make a better climate for another amnesty bill as President Obama promised in his campaign.

Feigning surprise at the size of these immigrant kiddie numbers, Aizenman says,

"A new report providing the most detailed portrait to date of the illegal immigrant population found that it is mostly made up of young families that are having children at a much faster rate than previously known. The study, released yesterday by the nonpartisan, Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center, also found that a disproportionate share of such children live in poverty and lack health insurance.

"Because any child born in the United States has a right to citizenship, the growing presence of these children is likely to complicate the debate over immigration policies aimed at their parents.

"The question of so-called 'mixed-status' families is not new. But the increase in the number of children born to illegal immigrants is likely to exacerbate such situations in years to come."

Well, that last sentence surely will be true. And if our present policies of ignoring the issue and failing to install E-verify permanently, I would see "chaos" as a more apt description of where we are headed.

Aizenman cites the Pew "findings, which analyzed census data"...which also

"suggest that the impact of the unprecedented increase in illegal immigration over the past three decades will continue to be felt for years to come, even as the size of the illegal immigrant population appears to have leveled off since 2006 at about 10.4 million adults and 1.5 million foreign-born children. By contrast, the number of children born in the United States to illegal immigrants rose from 2.7 million in 2003 to 4 million in 2008.

"The growing presence of children of illegal immigrants in schools has also fueled concern over the cost of illegal immigration in many area communities where the foreign-born population has risen rapidly in the past decade. Commissioners in Frederick County, for instance, have repeatedly tried to make public school officials tally the number of such students in hopes of prompting federal lawmakers to increase education funding or step up enforcement. (Last month, the Maryland State Board of Education blocked the effort, saying it could discourage illegal immigrants from enrolling their children in school.)"

Folks, we are going in the completely wrong direction. But now, as crunch time has arrived. Over 5 million American jobs have been lost since the downturn began. Currently over 600,000 are lost monthly. The Federal government's failure to enforce the law in the workplace amounts to destruction of the Rule of Law.

We know enforcement works—apparently too well for the taste of our corporate leaders and our elected officials. But as the noose of need tightens around their consumers, American constituents, the ensuing anger will surely be reflected at the polls.

Notice the twist Aizenman gives to the horrendous fact that our tax supported services are winging their way to illegal immigrants:

"Children of illegal immigrants now account for about one in 15 elementary and secondary school students nationwide and more than one in 10 students in five states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas. The vast majority of these children were born in the United States.

"In 2007, the poverty rate for such children was almost twice as high as for those born to either legal immigrants or U.S.-born parents. Similarly, U.S.-born children of unauthorized immigrants were about twice as likely not to have health insurance in 2008 as those born to legal immigrants and three times as likely as those born to U.S.-born parents."

Yes, illegal aliens in low paying jobs producing children— "anchor babies" under our skewed law—simply saddle the US taxpayers with kids who are going to be poor, likely not well educated and, gasp with surprise if you will, Mr. Aizenman, not going to have health insurance.

So what is to be done? The Pew study author, Jeffery S. Passel, is quoted as saying, "The spike in births to unauthorized immigrants—70 percent of whom come from Mexico or Central America—is largely due to their relative youth compared with the general population, as well as their greater propensity to marry and have children.

The result says Mr. Passel is "a different picture than what we usually see of undocumented immigrants."

Before quoting you further, Mr. Passel, must we point out that the kids' parents are illegal aliens?

More Passel:  "We usually see the young male day laborers on street corners. But only a fourth of undocumented immigrants are men who are here by themselves without spouses or children. This is a population that is largely made up of young families." 

Apparently the study shows that the back and forth surge of seasonal immigration is diminishing as more illegal male workers see that they can get away with bringing up their womenfolk, who produce these children that Aizenman uses to pump the Post's position for more amnesty.

The reporter wants us to shed big salty tears for innocent children, an easy lead in to a huge new amnesty bill which will allow legislators to continue to pay off their corporate paymasters and their ideo/ethic bedfellows under the guise of "doing the right thing".

We already know the right thing to do!  Enforce our laws, send illegal aliens and their ersatz American kids back to their countries of origin.

No so, per Aizenman's Post article: "Passel added that this "complicates greatly the difficulty of coming up with policies to deal with this population. . . . While we may be able to fit people into boxes of 'undocumented,' 'legal,' 'legal temporary,' and 'U.S. citizens,' it's not so easy to fit families into that same set of little boxes."

Actually it is easy. You are here legally or illegally. America is in a serious long term economic depression. Jobs, homes, educations, and government services should go to citizens.

Not ensuring that they do, not fixing this mess, can only over time lead to even worse damage to laws and civil order—and ultimately to the fall of the America so nobly started by our Founders.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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