Ann Coulter Fans Didn't Murder Anne Pressly—It Was The "Usual Suspect". But No One's Apologizing
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Murder victim Anne Pressly

While reporting interracial murders and attempted murders carried out by black men against white women, I have noted a pattern involving certain aspects of the crime, the official response or lack thereof, and responses by different elements of the public.

The murder typically is extreme in its brutality, with the killer inflicting the maximum in pain and humiliation on his victim. The authorities stonewall the public—unlike their reactions to deaths or assaults committed against blacks by whites, when they strive for a maximum in publicity and transparency. When they do speak, it is often to lie, adamantly denying that the crime was “racially motivated”—even though they have no problem calling (statistically rare) white-on-black murders “racially motivated”—and claiming either that the motive was "robbery" or that they can't imagine what the motive might have been etc. etc.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and their blogosphere comrades will mock and denounce any whites who state the obvious as "racists," "white nationalists," "Nazis," etc.

Black-on-white torture murders of females invariably follow the rape and/or sodomy of the victim: The Wichita Massacre; the Knoxville Horror; the Columbia University rape-torture-attempted murder; the Winchester Atrocity (in which the gang-rape victim was the black wife of a white man). The sexual humiliation doubles the murderer's pleasure.

Of course, black felons often rape black women they find in homes they are burgling, but they rarely torture and murder them. White felons act similarly with white women. White-on-black rape is virtually non-existent, and I can't remember the last white-on-black rape-torture-murder. But black-on-white rape-torture-murder, burglary-rape-murder, and simple rape-murder are all the rage.

Last fall, twenty-six-year-old Anne Pressly, the anchor on ABC affiliate KATV's Daybreak show, was assaulted and mortally injured in her home in Little Rock's affluent Pulaski Heights area, four blocks from the Little Rock Country Club. She was found unconscious on the morning of October 20th by her mother, Patti Cannady, and succumbed on October 25th.

According to one press report:

"Patti Cannady, visiting from out of town, went to her daughter's Little Rock home because she didn't answer a wake-up call and found the 26-year-old woman had been beaten beyond recognition. Every bone in her face had been broken, Cannady said.

“'Her jaw, pulverized so badly that the bone had come out of it. I actually thought that her throat, it possibly been cut, but that was possibly the first knockout punch. Her entire skull had numerous fractures from which she suffered a massive stroke.'

“Pressly died in a hospital five days later without regaining consciousness. Her left hand was broken, her mother said.

“'She fought for her life, she fought her attacker,' Patti Cannady said."

[Parents: Slain anchorwoman was sexually assaulted, by Jon Gambrell, Associated Press/AT&T, December 1, 2008,]

In a December 1 interview with Today Show host Matt Lauer, Pressly's father, "Guy Cannady, said that while the police theory is that Pressly interrupted a random robbery, he isn't convinced of that." He argued, "It's just unbelievable that a random robbery like this would involve the brutal slaying of Anne in this way. There just seems to be a lot more to the whole story than just a robbery gone bad."

On the December 5 edition of ABC's 20/20, Mrs. Cannady told reporter Jim Avila that when she found her daughter, “There was blood on the ceiling”.

Cannady led 20/20's news crew through her daughter's small house, saying that circa 3 a.m., the rapist-killer had broken in through the back door into the kitchen, surprising her daughter in her bed.

Pressly's killer “took her laptop computer, a credit card and little else.”

In lieu of identifying the crime's interracial character, many media outlets, after having earlier published pictures of Anne Pressly, published pictures of black, 28-year-old defendant, Curtis Lavelle Vance.

But when the New York Times reported on Vance's arrest in an unsigned article, it went beyond its 62-year-old tradition of shielding black criminals. It not only left out any mention or running any photographs indicating that Vance was black, but (in a display of the compassion for which it is so justly famous) positively gloated about the crime:

"The beating startled much of the state and horrified Ms. Pressly's neighbors in the prestigious Pulaski Heights neighborhood, an enclave of old houses, and where residents considered themselves essentially exempt from violent crime. " [Arrest in Killing of a TV Anchor, by "The New York Times," year="2008" November 27, 2008.]

Bring the war home.

According to Little Rock PD Detective Tommy Hudson, the cause of death was "blunt force trauma". According to AP's Gambrell, Detective Hudson wrote in a court affidavit: "It was confirmed with all scientific certainty that Mr. Vance is the DNA contributor of the suspect in Ms. Pressly's murder."

Vance became a suspect in the murder when his girlfriend was allegedly caught selling numerous items stolen in a series of area burglaries to a pawnbroker. He then submitted to a DNA saliva swab test. It matched DNA found at the murder scene.

Vance has denied he was in Little Rock on the day of the attack. He was initially charged with capital murder. His girlfriend has been charged with theft.

Following Vance's arrest in the Pressly case, Little Rock PD spokesman, Lt. Terry Hastings, refused to confirm or deny whether she had been raped and/or sodomized. I left a message for Lt. Hastings' unit November 28 but received no response. Even AP's Gambrell had nothing to report on December 1.

The Little Rock PD's reticence forced the victim's parents to take matters into their own hands. On December 1, during their aforementioned Today Show interview, Guy and Patti Cannady announced that their daughter had indeed been raped prior to being murdered:

"They said there was evidence of sexual assault.

"'This monster stole my daughter's innocence,' Patti Cannady said. 'He took her life. He took her identity. He took our lives. Our lives have radically changed as a result of what's happened to Anne.'" [Parents: Slain anchorwoman was sexually assaulted, USA Today, December 1, 2008]

The next day, December 2, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas provided a non-response statement to all media inquiries. Chief Thomas "said that the department would not be addressing any rumors that have been cropping up about Pressly."

Since Vance's arrest, he has also been named as the suspect in the April rape of a school teacher in East Arkansas, and in several burglaries in Marianna, the predominantly 74.1 percent) black(town of 4,425 residents where he resides, approximately 90 miles east of Little Rock.

Media reports about the April rape in Marianna would say only that the victim was a schoolteacher, while suppressing her race and ethnicity. But that victim revealed herself, speaking to 20/20's Jim Avila on the aforementioned show, as Kristen Edwards. She has pale white skin, and strawberry blonde or red hair.

Miss Edwards reported that as she was getting ready to go to work before dawn, her attacker, who had already broken in, was hiding in her living room. He jumped her from behind, forcing her face first into her couch, raping her from behind, so that she could not see his face, all the while threatening to kill her if she cried out, or tried to look at him.

Edwards said: “When I found out there was a connection between my case and Anne Pressly's case … I just broke down…. Knowing that the person who attacked me was capable of so much more. As bad as it was, it could have been so much worse.”

Pressly's mother's revelations eventually broke through the stonewall. Lt. Terry Hastings suddenly found his tongue, though he is still clinging to the robbery theory. On December 5 he acknowledged to 20/20 :

"There was sexual assault in both cases, so it's similar in crime. We believe that this individual's goal probably was robbery. That's what he had in mind. "

It's “similar in crime”, alright. It now looks as though the Pressly case was no fluke.

The Little Rock PD says that while Vance denies having harmed Edwards or Pressly, “he did admit to being at Pressly's home”.

Lt. Hastings told 20/20: “We believe he probably saw her in the neighborhood, maybe getting gas, maybe doing something else, and followed her, and attacked her. He denied being involved in it in any way, but his DNA told us otherwise.”

Detectives working the Pressly case recovered Vance's “sperm, blood and his skin, taken from beneath Pressly's fingernails,” and were able to match it with the rapist's DNA from the Edwards case.

Once the media released Vance's photograph, other people from Marianna, where Vance had allegedly raped Kristen Edwards, came forward to tell 20/20 of Vance's stalking of other local white women, though they never put it in such blunt terms. Faith Stiles told of twice seeing him stalking her outside of her house.

Faith Stiles: “My neighbor across the street called me and said, 'You've got to get downstairs now. That guy's back in your yard, and we've called the police.'”

Jim Avila: “Her husband faced him down in their carport.”

Rob Stiles: “And this is where I saw him. And I had the set of keys in my hand, so I pushed the alarm on the trunk, and set the alarm off, scared him, and he ran and opened the neighbor's gate right there.”

Lori Garner, a personal trainer at the Pro Fitness club in Pressly's Heights neighborhood, reported seeing a man whom she and a client are now sure was Vance stalking the gym three times during the pre-dawn hours. Twice, Garner was accompanied by the client. The last time, in September, the man was crouching outside of the gym exposing himself. But they never called the police.

If the reports are true and the charges hold up, my conclusion is that Curtis Lavelle Vance apparently is only interested in raping and murdering white women, with robbery an afterthought.

In an earlier time, such bravado on the part of black felons in white neighborhoods was the exception. But after some 45 years of authorities and the MSM terrorizing whites in the name of “civil rights,” it is the rule. No matter how many white females are raped and/or murdered, whites fear being treated like "racists” by police and reporters if they demand action against black strangers acting suspiciously in neighborhoods where they have no legitimate business.

Early this year,prosecutors made Chief Thomas' stonewalling moot. On January 15, they charged Curtis Lavelle Vance with rape and capital murder. Vance pleaded not guilty, insisted that the authorities had the wrong man, and that they had illegally obtained his DNA. (But if the former is true, the latter should be a moot point, no?). [Defendant in death of TV anchor contests DNA evidence, By Jon Gambrell, The Associated Press, January 18, 2009]

Of course, by then, the national media had moved on.

Back when newspapers thrived, one of the reasons they did was their thorough coverage of crime—particularly gruesome murders and sex crimes. PC journalists' decision that the public has no right to know about interracial crime has played a large role in the decline of the American newspaper.

Of course, we now have the internet afterword. Political Correctness didn't stop people from speculating at blogs, Web sites, and through e-mails.

Racial realists have few illusions about race and crime. But in what is developing into a conservative cliché, early on I received rumors (unconfirmed) claiming that Miss Pressly had been genitally mutilated.

The other side of the aisle had their own obsessions. Leftwing bloggers and commenters refused to state the obvious, and condemned anyone who did, but they had no compunctions about other speculations. The number one suspect cited by Daily Kos blogger "relikx" and by commenters there and elsewhere: fans of conservative writer-humorist, Ann Coulter.

Thus spake "relikx,"

"Police have no motive and think the ABC morning newswoman may have been attacked during a 'robbery attempt,' but the political climate and her role as the conservative columnist in the controversial movie raises many questions about whether Anne was purposely targeted.

“I'm sorry for the short diary but there really isn't too much more to add to this except that I hope everyone keeps Anne in their thoughts and prayers.

“It is far too early to speculate as to why this senseless violence occurred. It would be inappropriate to connect conspiratorial dots but then again there's something that seems strange about this. "[W's "Ann Coulter" actress beaten in home attack, by "relikx," Daily Kos, October 20, 2008.]

It seems that Pressly had a 30-second role playing Ann Coulter (though not using Coulter's name) in Oliver Stone's recent propaganda vehicle, W , that supposedly made Coulter look bad. The phrase, "the political climate" refers, as commenters made explicit, to (imaginary) hate crimes committed by Republicans.

At True Crime Report, leftist commenters discussing the Pressley murder argued that fans of Coulter or Rush Limbaugh might have done it, seeing as how right-wingers—emphasizing Republican milquetoast Sean Hannity—all sound like "Nazis", and are constantly inciting their followers to commit "hate crimes".

Note that this was already these people's state of mind before the presidential election. Their fevered rantings recall the way Bill Clinton blamed "division” on the airwaves—i.e. conservative talk radio—for Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

Note too that these posters are people who support stealing elections through massive voter fraud, yet who sought to railroad Ann Coulter on phony "voting fraud" charges.

Since Curtis Lavelle Vance's arrest, the leftwing bloggers have not seen fit to revisit or regret their speculations about Ann Coulter.

That's "old news," it's "time to move on".

And besides, why regret having smeared Coulter, when that was the whole point of their blogs?

After all, what do they care about Anne Pressly?

(A tip 'o' the hat to Larry Auster, who does care.)

Nicholas Stix [email him] lives in New York City, which he views from the perspective of its public transport system, experienced in his career as an educator. His weekly column appears at

Men's News Daily and many other Web sites. He has also written for Middle American News, the New York

Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Chronicles, Ideas on Liberty and the Weekly Standard. He maintains two blogs: A Different Drummer and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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