A Democrat, Yale Grad, Decries New Haven's Illegal Alien ID
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In a legal situation which has definitely gone mad, it is not surprising to read in Reuters report [Illegal aliens poised for new haven in Connecticut, Washington Times, July 23 2007] that officials in New Haven, where my alma mater Yale is located, have overwhelmingly voted to offer illegal aliens "municipal identification cards" allowing access to city services such as libraries and a chance to open bank accounts.

I was particularly offended to find that Hillary Clinton's alma mater, the Yale Law School, which I incorrectly  presumed was dedicated to law enforcement, has "helped research the city's idea and volunteered legal services."

Turns out that the situation is evolving. Listening to New Haven's WELI radio show with host Jerry Kristafer, I hear that the decision may have even more questionable aspects.

John DeStefano, the mayor of New Haven, may, according to the CT Citizens for Immigration Control, have a personal financial stake in this ID Card. (Go to SCTIR.com/ for the audio of the WELI  Radio discussion.)   

As they say in politics, when something is wrong, "follow the money trail."

1.  When the New Haven Savings Bank wanted to convert from a privately-owned bank to a publicly owned bank, Mayor DeStefano and the city administration put the squeeze on them. The New Haven Bank then made a $25 million "contribution" to benefit the residents of the city of New Haven. This money was paid to the First City Corporation. Mayor John DeStefano and others were the directors of the First City Corporation.

2.  The First City Corporation then planned to start a First City Bank that would serve the low income "immigrant" community—aka illegal aliens.

3.  The First City Corporation gave the City of New Haven, some $250,000 to fund the New Haven ID card for illegal aliens. One of the stated purposes of ID Card was to encourage card holders to use banking services. This, in effect, would produce a list of potential clients for the First City Bank.

Thus, funds that were to be used for the residents of New Haven were diverted to the creation and promotion of the New Haven ID card. While the proposed First City Bank was to be a non-profit, this does not mean that directors, officers and employees of the bank could not be paid.

The mayor has refused to deny he may be the President of this new bank, saying, "You know, the job I'm looking for is to be the mayor of New Haven for another two years, and you know, who knows after that…"

The ID Card offers few benefits to illegal aliens and exposes them to the risk of deportation, if there is a Freedom of Information Act request for the list of names. Illegal aliens can manufacture plenty of false ID for all types of purposes. Because of a loophole in the banking act, an illegal alien can open a bank account with an ITIN number from the IRS. The New Haven ID card, in reality, served little purpose for the illegal aliens. But it could be a marketing tool for the new First City Bank. [ Email from CT Citizens for Immigration Control, slightly edited.]

Could the use of funds earmarked for the residents of New Haven to start a bank a misappropriation of funds and thus a violation of state laws? The Mayor's being on the board of directors would appear to be a direct conflict of interest and his promotion of the ID card simply compounds that.  

The CT Citizens for Immigration Control has done its best to bring this situation to a wider audience. They have organized protests, written letters and most importantly investigated the money trail of this outrage.

They will have given second thoughts to any other city considering the same trick. 

If somehow we could elect a President in 2008 who will enforce our immigration laws, the New Haven mayor and his confederates could be facing fines and prison terms.

I have a few questions and comments about this sickening scene:

  • Numero Dos: The officials in New Haven sanctioning this law breaking should be sued.

  • Numero Tres: Do most Yale Law Grads feel good about their alma mater's position?

  • Numero Cinco: What can we voters do to fix this madness?  Hillary, you seem likely to be my party's presidential candidate—what's your view?

  • Numero Seis: All Americans should be aroused by this action. And we vote.

Stay tuned—this New Haven affair is just getting warmed up!

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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