Martin C. Rojas: 1992 - 2022 | VDARE Video Bulletin
July 01, 2022, 06:37 PM
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Martin C. Rojas, who died on June 24, 2022 at the age 29, was perhaps the most brilliant, original, and prolific writer of his generation. Dissident Right readers know Martin by his pseudonyms Chris Roberts, Hubert Collins, Gilbert Cavanaugh, Nathan Doyle, and Benjamin Villaroel. 

At VDARE, Rojas served as the castellan of our Berkeley Springs Headquarters in West Virginia, as pictured with one of the Brimelow daughters, all of whom loved him. Our site contains archives of Martin’s work dating back to 2013.

Rojas was an invaluable member of the American Renaissance team, where he published over 400 articles, as Jared Taylor writes:

“His title—Director of Special Projects—fit him perfectly. He did everything: fundraising, website optimization, video-distribution strategy, donor relations, podcasts, author prospecting and, of course, he wrote.”

In 2021, Martin took it upon himself to report on the opioid crisis in southern West Virginia. In his travels Rojas found that, despite drugs and poverty being common, the overwhelmingly white McDowell County, WV has little crime and strong community.

In this piece originally published at the Occidental Observer, Rojas concludes: I couldn’t tell you if God is real, but after a week in Welch, I do know for certain that God smiles upon southern West Virginia—and on the rest of us as well.

You can now read Martin’s opus: Grace and Grit in Southern West Virginia on To do so, click here.

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