Biden To Blame For 50 Dead Migrants in San Antonio | VDARE Video Bulletin
June 30, 2022, 02:31 PM
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In San Antonio, Texas, over fifty illegal aliens were recently discovered dead in the back of a tractor-trailer after the driver of the truck abandoned them on the side of the roadway.


But aside from the smugglers who brought them into the country on a scorching 102-degree day, we can blame the Biden Regime for this tragedy.

They’ve done nothing to stop this invasion, and indeed have encouraged it as part of The Great Replacement.

A.W. Morgan writes for

The Treason Lobby and its Leftist Mainstream Media megaphone will, of course, say the deaths resulted from not opening the borders to every Third World vagabond with empty pockets and a sob story.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and others are right. “These deaths are on Biden.”

Republicans can add this mass negligent homicide to the list of high crimes and misdemeanors in the articles of impeachment against Joseph Robinette Biden.

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